My bedroom's curtain faux wall

3/18/2011 06:20:00 AM

Do you remember the bedroom plans? Dark accent wall, pops of bright coral and turquoise, fun print and pattern, simpler curtain for one window, and a curtain faux wall behind the bed.

Yep, that's the plan. Just a few steps closer to making those into reality. My own decor (day)dream to reality story. Today the star of the show is the faux wall I've been rambling about. Though it had quite a few glitches, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. QUITE.

I had a canvas fabric sewn by my infamous Yaya Tas, and I painted it the same color as my wall. The thing that I didn't see coming is that painting a huge fabric without one flat surface will actually be visible on the outcome.
You see, I painted section by section, causing a fold on wet newly painted fabric, which resulted to some white blotches to this very dark curtain. Uh oh. But I carried on thinking it might not be that obvious once hung.

The fake moulding is then added using a bias tape. I had that 8 yards of bias from way back. I thought it was enough for two fake moulding.
I'm wrong. So I rethink the project and just added a big one to frame the bed.

Here's my curtain faux wall:

It would have been perfect without those unsightly white spots! I don't understand why the middle seam has a visible whitish line, but the side seams are flawless. Oh well...

I'm hoping that after I hang bright arts over that curtain wall, those oops moments will be less noticeable.

There you go-- the story of my QUITE happiness over this project.

P.S. I'm now wondering why I just didn't purchase a fabric with that wall color. I thought it would be easier to paint it, than search for an exact shade. Lesson learned. :)

P.P.S. Sorry for all the crappy night shots, I couldn't shoot this one on daylight 'cos the sun shows through the curtain wall. I'll be putting thin boards behind the window to completely block the sun on daylight to achieve a more realistic "wall."


  1. Love the new faux wall!! Even though it does have it's imperfections! I'm sure you are crafty enough to make it work! :] Also thanks for your comment on my watermelon! :3

  2. I love your creative solution! I feel like I have too many windows in my bedroom, so I've been thinking of doing something like this to block the unwanted bedroom light.. (and most people complain about no windows- but mine has four. Four! :)

  3. This was funny to read. I'm glad you were able to make it work!

  4. Thanks!

    @Iarticle and Christina, I'll make it work. I have no choice! :)

    @Van, wow four windows? I'm not sure if you're lucky or not... haha

  5. You got a good idea. This solution is affordable, but the result is good.

  6. I admire your work! especially yung pag-rerecycle...ganyan din ginagawa ko sa bahay namin. I love your thoughts! yung paiba iba ng just gotta do what you wanna do :) More power! I hope you inspire more people like you.


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