The Bedding chapter 2

3/24/2011 07:11:00 AM

I slept like a baby last night, thanks to the new coordinated fun bedding.

Well, not really, it's just that I'm dead tired with all these house projects! But it's a great plus to lay your head on something pretty. :)

You don't have to spend tons for some nice bedding, one option is to buy your own fabric and just have it sewn. I guess I got lucky for having one great sewer under our roof!
(check out my trip to Divi here and both my fabric choices for the bedroom here)

Here's the color and pattern combination for set #1...

The key for mixing different patterns is by having one big bold pattern, and having another one in a smaller scale. By doing so, the print won't clash, and just compliment each other nicely.

I chose a white bedspread to provide balance with all the colors going on.

I love how all the bright colors look against the dark "wall" (get use to it, I'll always refer to this curtain as a wall with quotation! haha). I can't wait to finish the artwork above the bed, if only I can choose which one I will make! Check out the options here.

Since the lamps are placed higher compared to a regular nightstand, the pole is visible on eye level. I'm hoping to buy a bigger shade to update the look.

Here's the new fresh lookin' bed with the creamy grey "nightstands."

See? We can always have a pretty space regardless of budget! Though what you've seen is mostly just the bed, I'm envisioning this to be one heck of a pretty room very soon! ;)


  1. Your new bedding is DREAMY! Love your new watermark, too :)

  2. OMG! is beautiful Elle!
    I would love to make my own beding set, but I need first a little more practice with my sewing machine :)


  3. I looove your pillows! Love them. The prints and colors are just too cute! And yes it looks really nice against the neutral wall :]

  4. That is a wonderful fabric mix! And I love the black "wall" - such a creative solution for your room!

  5. Such a great job with fabric selection!


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