HO of the day: Work & Play

3/10/2011 07:23:00 AM

I find this workspace really sweet and playful. I get easily bored working in a really serious 'I-mean-business' looking room, I feel trapped. But this space is so refreshing and fun, and totally doable too! Can we all have a pact to have a great working space since we're all amazing and totally deserves it? :D


  1. I like it :) Great message board, simple background colours, and lots of fun bits and bobs!

  2. Love it!! I really want all the lingerie on the side too haha :3

  3. haha.. I guess I gotta say that the owner of this space is a lingerie designer so those pieces will make sense.. :)

  4. Cute room! I see so many lovely home offices and it makes me wish I worked from home.


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