Piece of advice: Stick with your moodboard!

11/06/2010 07:08:00 PM

So you went ahead and created your dream room moodboard. You're quite happy with how it turned out and can't wait to start decorating. You went to your favorite store and got lost into the sea of amazing fabrics and furnishings and totally forgot about your idea. Yes I'm describing what happened to me. I have this vision for a room and I kinda screwed it up.

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We went to Divisoria (the go-to place here in Manila for affordable fabrics) so I can finally have my hands on the curtain for my new room. I was focused, AT FIRST, to finding the prefect gray fabric, but my crazy head went crazier over different prints that I saw. And the fact that there's not so much gray option didn't help. So I went home with the total opposite of my vision.

Clean plain gray becomes tropical beachy yellowy bluey greeny curtain. I'm actually happy bringing it home. I love how the blue parts picks up the pale teal I want on the wall, and I love the vintage vibe it brings.

I then turned on my computer and viewed the moodboard I made. I realized that this thing wouldn't work with my current vision!  And the curtain will be up in 2 big walls! oh no... major oh no.

So from this...

  to this...

No more bright yellow vanity (too much yellowish shade). No more black floors(dark wood will just fit better, so instead of painting the wood floors, we'll just stain it). And I'm still not satisfied with the new board. I can totally hear Tim Gunn in my head..  "Make it work!"  I wish he was here with me to give me a push, and just because he's too adorable that I won't mind even if I have the ugliest venetian blinds to work with.

Enough of the day dreaming. I have 17 yards of this fabric and I'LL MAKE IT WORK. (all caps for emphasis and just to remind me that I have no choice)

I'm actually liking the print again. Everyday that I look at it, new ideas are coming and I'm excited once again. And this I promise myself --I'm gonna have my dream room with my not-so-right fabric!

But for your sake -if you really love what you envision, STICK WITH YOUR MOODBOARD!

Few lessons I learned the hard way:
  1. Print your board and bring it every time you go shopping for the room.
  2. Create a list of the things you need to purchase, and stick with it! Be precise with the list.. Sheer white curtains, working desk with clean lines, plain blue sheets, and so on.
  3. If you can't find "the one", get the "almost" one. The nearest shade, the more similar pattern, the closest feel and look... you get my point.
  4. If you fell in love with something not in your vision, try to stay back. If it really draws you near, look closely at your board and see if it would work. If not, MOVE ON. or get it and put it in another room :) 
UPDATE: I can't make it work. Ha! I'll be replacing them soon. Check them out here.


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