Mirrored Vanity: The Vain Vanity

11/05/2010 10:59:00 AM

When you see a hollywoodesque, glam, posh, fab, (insert any other high-end adjectives you know) room, there's always a mirrored dresser/vanity somewhere in there.
It gives any room so much drama, and depth. Literally. (light bounces off the surface and you'll see different colors and textures from different angles)
I personally would love one of these. If only I can have have someone constantly rubbing off all the dirt, the fingerprints, and all the mess I'm sure I'll manage to get onto that surface. (dirty mirrored vanity is definitely not hollywoodesque, glam, posh, fab, or any other high-end adjectives you know)

"I love this look a lot but it's way out of my price range!"
How about a little DIY? I found a tutorial that turned an ordinary desk, into this:
See the tutorial here.

These are no doubt lovely pieces, but definitely not for everyone. Can you imagine doing your make-up and having all the loose powder and eyeshadow particles cluttering the surface? And even worse, you see double the mess! (I'm over reacting, I know. But the messy side of me can't get over that thought)

So what's more vain than having mirrors on all sides and being able to see yourself in different angles? What piece of furniture requires constant cleaning, dusting, and windexing? I dubbed this "The Vain Vanity."

(These photos are from my inspiration folder from way before. If you know the source, please let me know. Thanks!)


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