Too many frames, too many options: Ways to showcase a frame gallery in your home

11/22/2010 11:52:00 PM

I've always love the look of frames overload on a wall. It's one sure way to give life to any room. You bet I'll be putting that up in more than one room for this 'house prettify' project I've been working on.

Relying on my trusted friend for inspiration (google, who else?), I found tons of different options for displaying frames and it's darn hard to choose.


1. Mismatched
If you want an eclectic feel with a collected-over-time look, its the way to go. It seems relaxed and effortless (though I'm pretty sure putting up a wall like these takes a LOT of effort) ;)
frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery
frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery

2. Matchy-matchy
Feeling formal and a bit traditional? Have your frames in one solid color.
frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery

3. Monochromatic
This is the marriage of mismatched and matchy-matchy. Have mismatched frames in monochromatic shades to achieve a relaxed borderline-formal feel. (confusing I know, but you get my point)
 frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery

4. Frame color = Wall color
This is a fresh look that makes your artwork/photo stands out.  It can also add texture to a blank wall without creating too much visual clutter. Perfect for those half-minimalist-half-artsy people out there.

 and then there's the.....


1. Sort-of-Symmetrical
The frames are arranged to form a kinda shape so it's sorta symmetrical with a bit of balance but not really.  (WHAT??!!)
frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery

2. Complete Symmetry-The Box
Now this is not confusing.  Arranging the frames formally to form a box / square / rectangle.
frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery

3. Random
How about slapping those frames on the wall to form nothing but turns out beautifully nonetheless?

frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery
frames, wall, switcheroom, wall display, gallery

So now you understand why I use darn. It's too hard to choose from all these styles and techniques! These things requires long pondering/daydreaming, and it doesn't hurt to have the talent.

After much thought (yep, long daydreaming helps), here's my 'wall' plan for our house:
My bedroom- frames: mismatched  / arrangement: complete symmetry-the box (update! see my bedroom gallery here)
Hallway- frames: matchy-matchy / arrangement: sort-of-symmetrical (update! hallway TINY gallery here)
Living room- frames: mismatched / arrangement: random (update! our living room frame gallery here)

Photos of our wall galleries to follow upon completion of projects. (fingers crossed so tight it hurts)

Image credit (from top to bottom): Jonathan Adler, La Maison, Domino, Kids Collective, John Derian,  Chic Home Decor, Steven Gambrel, O at home, Living Etc, Mr Kate House and Garden, Source unknown, Pottery Barn, Interior Design, Dec0r,  Posy


  1. I LOVE the second mismatched, the second matchy-matchy, the monochromatic and the third frame colour = wall colour. And for layouts, I love them all hahaha

    Can't wait to see how your walls turn out!!

  2. Haha I feel you Brittany! It's so hard to choose! Thanks for dropping by.. :)

  3. hi , i have a question . our house is made of cement .. although we have some old wall decoration na nakasabit for almost 19 yers na ... wala tlgang pagbabago doon . my parents are not into art ... so

    ako naman gusto ko sanang mag lagay ng mga picture frame katulad nito kahit sa room ko lng pero may question is .. kailangan ko ba ng grainder ba yan ? paano ba yan ? bubutasin ko yung wall ko ?
    wat if wala kaming grainder(pambutas sa wall) wat is the alternative ? can u give any suggestion ? ehehe

    thanks !=)

    ~from a 19 yer old just now gal

  4. I have my home-office walls loaded with frames too and I love it. I did the same at my mother's house in the living room on the wall where the couch stands like we see here. I prefer to see a wall loaded with frames in an organized fashion than with nothing at all. This way the rooms look cozier!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Hi Elle,
    I love all of them hirap pumili. hehe. I'm following your youtube channel and soobrang nakakatulong yung mga tips mo. Goodluck and more projects to come. I'll wait for your next youtube vlog.

    -Annie of Diliman


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