Tiny House Decoration: Frame gallery for the Stairway

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I love frame galleries. I really do. I've done a lot of it may it be in our old home, or my clients' spaces. To prove my point, I'll show you some of my favorites:

Our old house... 

A teenage girl's bedroom... 

A very chic office...

An ice cream shop... 

A newlywed's condo...

A half-way house... 

I could go on and on, but that will just be me showing-off my work (HAHA!). The point is I love them so much that my own home will never be complete without one.  The one obvious wall to have a gallery is on our stair way. It's just a big blank wall.  

Apparently, I don't have a before photo of that said blank wall. So this construction shot should suffice. Hehe

I usually don't buy brand new frames for our own use. I just gather old frames and make them work. It's cheap, and by cheap, I mean free. 

We only spent on spray paint for them to be cohesive. This time, I used black because that's the theme of that said wall. Black and white. All the photos are also printed in b/w.

Here they are starting to install our gallery. We first started with the chalkboard art of our names that we used in our wedding back drop. (You can see the wedding DIY details here) I love it so much that it needed to be displayed in our house! HAHA.. I'm just wondering how long that chalk would last.. though it still looks good now which is already more than a year after the wedding.  Hopefully it would last much longer!

Here they are all done.  I adore that wall. It's us and our families which makes it a lot more meaningful. When I'm having a stressful day, I just look at them and it usually calms me. :)

And here's a pulled-back shot showing a preview of the dining area. Next post I'll show you a lot of photos of this floor which is our kitchen, dining, and living space. Major Tiny House update y'all!

I think a home should have photos of people we love, or even things or places that makes us happy. It's just what makes a house a home, aside from the people living with us of course. What about you? Do you have a wall that calms you? 


  1. i am actually planning to do a wall gallery in our house soon! your blogs and your works are really inspiring! God bless you Ms. Elle! 😊

    1. hey olive thanks! patingin ng gallery wall once you're done. :)

  2. I love your post because I am a bit obsessed with gallery walls. I once wrote a post about creating gallery walls by framing leftover fabric ;). I also own a stack of frames of different colour and sizes... Love your black n white display! M x

    1. Oh I did a few post about gallery wall way back! Here's one.. http://www.decormehappy.com/2010/11/wall-how-to-display-frame-gallery.html
      Yep, 2010. That's how long I've been obsessed with them. Haha.. Also love framing fabrics! Inexpensive but very graphic. :)

    2. Thanks Elle, just read it. Another thing we have in common :) :) :) 2010 is probably when I started hoarding frames... hahaha.

  3. Im sooo glad you are blogging again!!


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