Vignette Styling for All Home x Real Living

10/25/2016 06:53:00 PM

Well hello there, I'm here again bringing you another post. It's been years since I've written a back-to-back post. Woohoo I'm back! Haha.. Anyway, I've been arranging photos I took the past months that I could share here and it's harrowing. My desktop, phone gallery, folders are as organized as my head right now, which means it's not. At all. So I'm starting my back to blogging world post with these since it's a fairly recent event which means, I don't need to dig deep for photos. Haha..

I was invited to style a vignette for the AllHome x Real Living Design Hub event, and I immediately said yes. It's in Quezon City, its a one day event, and I can do the styling in half a day so it's such an easy and fun task that I just can't say no. It's like playing dress-up, home interior style! 

I was assigned this bedroom vignette. Which is fine, but we need to amp up the style so I totally changed the look. 
I'm sure they just put together pieces they have in the store so I'm not here to pick on whoever did this. It's fine. But for the sake of giving advice/tips, I'll tell you why it didn't quite work. The backdrop already have a wooden louver which isn't centered with the headboard. And even if it is, they are both fighting to be the focal point so it's quite confusing. The bookcase is bulky and nothing is visually balancing it on the left side of the bed, so everything looks heavy on one side. All pieces are nice as it is, it's just the composition that's not working here. 

So I removed everything and started from scratch. And by the way, I love the backdrop assigned to me! Brick and wood.. Check!
shopping pillows, brick wallpaper
You can see the cart full of stuff? I went around the store and "shop." It was fun to shop without spending anything.. I tell you.

Instead of using a bed with a headboard, I used the wooden louver to act as the headboard for it to be the focal point. I love the simplicity and the warmth it brings to the space.
brick wall paper, bedroom set-up, styling vignette
I didn't go the normal route of flanking the bed with matching bedside tables because the space has a small footprint and I wanted to maximized it. Besides, it's more fun to experiment, and in real life, people need multi-functional pieces with all the small houses / condo units we all have.

On the right side I used a ladder desk/shelves which could act as a workspace, storage, and side table. Plus, I get to add a chair, which is a much needed wooden element in the "room." 
ladder desk, wood bentwood chair, brick wall paper, study set-up

The other side of the bed has the standard side table. A hanging bedside lamp was used so it won't take up much need table space. To balance the height of the desk/shelves on the other side, I installed those frames / print.
Pillow styling, bedding linen

I'm not really big on faux plants, but if you can't keep them alive, this would do. Any greenery adds life to any space. Just don't let anyone touch them. Haha.. I'm actually planning to have a plant wall / shelves above our dining table in the Tiny House. Excited!
brick wall paper, hanging light, side table

For the bed, I just chose a simple white bedding with a small pattern. The bricks itself already has a pattern and I don't want anything to visually compete with each other. A few accent pillows completes the space. It's nothing fancy, just a cozy homey space in the middle of the store. Haha..
brick wall paper, bedroom set-up, styling vignette, dorm room idea

Too bad I forgot to photograph the other vignettes, but everyone did a great job. On the event itself, I thought that I just needed to be present, but no, the stylists were all called on stage and we were asked several questions. Surprise surprise! Being socially awkward and not really good in speaking in front of an audience, I kind of panic internally. But of course I didn't wanna show that so I kept my composure and smiled and answered the best I can. I was fine. I didn't collapse. So I guess that's a start. Hahaha.. 


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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