Rooms ala Project Runway Season 8

11/02/2010 07:46:00 PM

I've watched Project Runway since day one. I've designed clothes before, so the challenges excites me. But lets be real, I just don't watch to see the garments on the runway, I'm in for all the drama. And season 8 is full of it!  I particularly enjoyed all the controversies, and the outrage by fans on the finale outcome is astonishing.

Okay, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here are some reads that I enjoyed. (REALLY entertaining comment sections)

Since this is not a fashion nor a reality tv blog, let's make it more relevant. I found rooms that best represents the look and feel of some of their pieces.




Heidi: "Gretchen, congratulations you are the winner!"

People watching: "??????!??!"

I'm on Team Mondo (obviously), and so are a lot of people. But to be a bit fair to Gretchen, I like some aspects of her collection. Like "her room", her collection has some great details to it. But still, COME ON!! *I am now reminding myself not to rant, there's already plenty out there and they have said it all*

On a side note, I let my boyfriend (who hasn't seen the entire season) watch the finale and ask him who the winner is. He chose Gretchen. With all the pink / the loud prints/ the whole pom pom head pieces of Mondo's, this is one disagreement I'm happy about.


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