I hope our living-dining room can actually look like this

1/06/2011 07:06:00 AM

I was stumped on what colors to paint this space's furniture! I have a color scheme in mind but no idea where to slap those colors on. I stared and stared and thought of 1 million ideas but still it doesn't feel right.

Enter moodboard. I'm probably just lazy but I never thought of making a moodboard for this space before, but I needed one (for my sanity's sake) !  I found pictures of furnitures that resembles ours, I don't want to fool myself on putting amazing pieces that we don't have you know.

ATTACK PLAN:  Stripe wall, frame gallery on the far wall, paint mirror/table and hutch yellow, sheer gray drapery, slip cover couch and rattan chair, paint dining chairs, decoupage dining table, DIY chandelier, DIY wall art, fun throw pillows, ETC.  *inhale... exhale...*
(I'm getting tired just thinking of all the stuff left to be done!)

(That doesn't resemble our dining chairs, but I'm planning to paint it that yummy color!)

I even included our weird floor! It's a massive weirdness that I need it incorporated to actually see how this all look together. Having yellow and black here and there makes the floor less out of place don't you think?

These are the actual things we have that need a lot more than TLC.


See actual pictures of the space here and here.

Our spruced up space looks a lot like the moodboard!
Stripe wall and yellow entry here
DIY capiz chandelier here
Wall gallery here
Grey curtains here
Denimized sofa here

source: hutch, frame gallery, chandelier, chair, chair


  1. Best of luck! I have the couches that match the slipcover you have in your mood board... I love it.. but mine is chocolate brown and doesn't go with any of the color schemes I want! eep!

    I cant wait to see the posts on this! xoxo

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. good luck i love the color combos

  3. I love the furniture color plans! Are you painting the walls white? I wish I had painted everything white and painted my furniture a color. Now I have all white furntiure and lots of colors on the wall!

  4. Thanks ladies! :)

    Yup, walls and ceilings are all white except for the stripe wall. I hope I can have this all done within this month!

  5. As I was reading through this post, my 7yr old daughter saw the mood boards you have and said, "Mom, STOP!! I love that! It is put together so well!" I couldn't have said it better myself!;)
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my picture wall. :)

  6. awww that's the sweetest Rebecca! :)


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