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1/31/2011 12:01:00 AM

elle decor
I saw this room while browsing 10rooms (great blog!) and was immediately smitten. Turquoise, yellow and a touch of pink? Lovely.
Another great free printable calendar from ThriftCore! Head over there and get yourself a copy of this masterpiece. I say masterpiece 'cos it was designed by yours truly, you gotta love your own right? ;)

Thanks Van for the opportunity to make this for your fabulous readers!

and lastly...

Rhiannon from From the Heart and Brittany from Gallery No. 8 awarded me this. Thanks ladies!

So I guess I should share 7 things about me, here you go...

1. I can't walk in heels more than 3" high! I try, but ended up sitting all night, or changing to flats in no time. I love how they look though!

2. I have the sweetest sweet tooth there is! For me, a meal MUST always end with anything sweet. Or I'll end up craving the whole day.

3. I love LA. My mom and bro#3 lives there, and I'm hoping I can go back for a visit this year or early next year.

4. I'm cheap. I don't buy shoes or bags amounting to more than P800 (around $18).

5. I love watching TV series! My current shows: Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, How I Met your Mother, True Blood. Past shows that I still watch when I get the chance: Sex and the City and Friends. I LOVE Friends, truly, love them! 

6. Oh more on TV, any show that involves solving a crime I'll watch.

7. I've had a fashion blog prior to this. You know those blog where you post the stuff you wear? Yep, that one. I shut it down. Even though I love clothes, the blog felt more of a chore. And I'm too embarrassed to let friends see the pictures to even keep the blog online. haha

But since you all have been nice to me, I'll share one shot. Just one! 
Oct 2009
That's it!
Sharing this to some my blog friends...

Watch out for my bedroom reveal, our hallway before and after, and the camera crew story. ;)


  1. Great post!! And I'm a total TV addict too haha What are your fave crime shows??

  2. 3 inches is my max heel too! I walk like a duck with anything higher (and ow!)

    Congrats on your award! =) and I loooove the yellow turquoise combo! <3

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  3. Elle! Thanks for thinking of me~I'm honored.

    I can't walk in heels that high, either. I lost my mind last month and tried to when we went to a formal event. I ended up driving to my daughter's house and borrowing flats for the rest of the night!

  4. @Brittany - A lot! Though the only one that I've religiously followed is CSI, I watch these shows whenever they're on TV: other 2 CSIs, Cold case, Law & Order criminal intent and special victims unit, New Amsterdam, Bones, Life, Numbers, ETC. even reality crime shows.. :) haha

    @Jennifer - Thanks! I really wish I can walk in high heels! They look really good. ;)

    @Suzanne - No problem.. :) Ha! I know what you mean by going out of your way to change to comfy flats.

  5. Do you watch "First 48"? I love that show, it's one of my favorite "crime" shows, it's about as close to my profession unlike the other shows. :)

  6. I've been tagged for this a few times, I definitely need to join in and share some random facts as soon as I can :)

    Loved the colorful room and of course, the calendar! I definitely agree with #4: I'm a cheap bastard. I don't like to spend more than $1 on an article of clothing unless I must (yet I'll spend over $100 on the perfect piece of art!)

    AND on #7: I've considered doing a "100% thrifted outfit" but self portraits feel so silly. Especially when you try to look "cute" or "moody".

  7. Great interior. I like the decoration. Really beautiful room.

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