What's the difference between cluttered and "lived-in" ?

1/23/2011 05:26:00 AM

I'm an avid Apartment Therapy lurker, and this particular house tour caught my eyes. It's a studio apartment on West Hollywood that caused quite a stir in the comment section. You know how AT commenters are brutally honest about things. :)


That is the million dollar question. The readers are torn between those two. I honestly don't know the answer but I find this apartment quite lovely.

Yes it has a lot of things lying around, but I find it unpretentious.

Let's be honest, we all have STUFF. And in ordinary days where we won't have a "shoot for a post" or we're not expecting any guest, this is what real houses look like, probably even worst.

But given the fact that you're planning to put yourself "out there" for everyone to see, how do we stage our place? Do we clean the heck out of it, and lose every inch of reality, or do we show people how we live?

I really don't have the answer, hence this post. I wanna hear what you all think.
What's the difference between cluttered and "lived-in"?

Of course, don't judge base on these pictures, these are my favorites so it will be unfair! haha..

Check out the whole tour, and let me know you're say.

Regardless, I would LOVE to have my hands on that gorgeous bed!


  1. no ones house is perfect... except maybe the guy from "flipping out". I like that they showed how they REALLY live. Its "apartment therapy" not a fancy furniture showroom.

  2. I vote Not cluttered...seems orderly with the use of trays.
    Mary Ann

  3. I think when showing it for all the world to see, it's better to stage it. That's what we do, too, when we have visitors coming in, right?

  4. I think "cluttered" is more stuff that you don't use (nicknacks ect.) , and "lived in" is more stuff that you do use. This looks "lived in" to me. I like it.

  5. I like it - it looks stylish and real. The only thing that bugged me was the sweater on the door, they could have removed that...

  6. Thanks for the input. I guess clutter is more of the stuff not in their designated places, like what I'm seeing now looking around my room! Ha! Got to go tidy up. Thanks everyone.. :)

  7. This is definitely lived-in HOME for me. I prefer this kind of homes over houses that look like model units.

  8. Not cluttered. Lived in. Happy. Personal. Stylish. Surround yourself with the things you love and what make you joyful.


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