I know it's too busy...

1/17/2011 03:24:00 AM

...but I want these walls!


It will be perfect on a future home office or some may call it, the "creativity" room.

 inside out

Or maybe it's those sofas I want?!  Either way, I LOVE.


  1. I did that in college! Our bathroom had this hideous wallpaper so I just covered it with pictures I'd cut out of a magazine.

    Both those couches are awesome.

  2. I know it reminds me of dorm go-to decor as well! But something about these collages looks grown-up, maybe it's the pictures they chose, or maybe, again, it's those awesome sofas that is so appealing to me! :)

  3. Hi!
    I agree. I think it's so unorganized that it's perfect...


  4. Love it!

    I had a new baby boutique, turned into more of a studio, commissioned pieces etc...& I had a office that I put up all my inspiration from Vogue, & every magazine etc. on the wall.. for me & my girls. (5 daughters)

    I ended up having everyone that came into my store going into that room rather than my store. lol

    They Loved the Inspiration room more so than looking at anything else "new".
    Thats why I became more of a studio when they could see my vision & what Inspired me.
    My wall of yummy inspiration/pages turned me into something else. Love it.

    I think that room above is amazing! So vogue & with your Images of what you love, So YOU! ;)

    Just found your blog & LOVE IT!
    Best Wishes xoxo

  5. LOVE this. I'm with you that it's a grown up version of what I did as a teenager. I had one entire wall covered in collages when I was in high school. I built each collage on a huge piece of newspaper and then tacked them all to the wall. I'm considering doing something like the second picture, but far more controlled.

  6. PS - Linking your post to my blog's Facebook page. I had to share this!

  7. Joelle, thank you so much! Oooh I would love to see that wall you're talking about! It inspires you, your daughters, and as well as your clients, I say great job for putting up more than a pretty wall.

    Nat, thank you so much for linking! Really appreciate it :)

  8. Growing up, we had a wall in each bathroom like this. In the main bath it was all black and white advertisements from the magazine my parents found in the house when they bought it (it was a 150-year old house), and in the master bath it was interesting, colorful pages mostly from National Geographic. Both were the small walls right next to the toilet. No reading material needed. I had forgotten until I saw this! Now I want to do it to my own house!

  9. Andrea, woah your parents have great taste! ;) It would be nice to do it in one bathroom in your house to remind you of your childhood. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  10. Oh my gosh!! This is awesome! And it reminds me of a tiny Korean restaurant that's in my town! They take pictures of practically all of their customers that come in and post all the pictures on their walls. And well..now they have the rest of the photos in albums for people to look at haha

    I've been reading through your blog and fun things to do! They're so inspiring! I love your room style! busybusy funfun! :D


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