Black, another WOW, and Happy 2011!

1/01/2011 05:00:00 AM

So I came home from a 2-day out of town trip and this greeted me:

and this:

Our main door is finally painted black! Our house is little by little, bit by bit inching to what I envisioned. But that's not what making me giddy this new year...

This is.
I made the WOW post (the one before this) before I left for our trip. I made it to 125 followers and 84 facebook "likers" in a week (from 20 followers and 4 likers!) and couldn't be more thrilled. So I scheduled a post thanking everyone and expressing how overwhelmed I am!

But no one has prepared me for this! I came back (after 2 days!), excitedly checked the site and found this. JAW. DROPPED. Thank you so much!
I get really happy with any comment I get, even with just one! So imagine me 250 times happier!  Fine, I know you got a little incentive to do that :) but I'm super happy still. No worries, I'll not have you follow along and leave you hanging, I'll be sharing a lot more of everything that inspires me, and that challenges me (all my DIY).

Thank you so much to everyone who wanted their own copy of my calendar, and to those who featured this little project of mine, I couldn't thank you enough.

Let's all have an amazing 2011. Happy New Year!


  1. awesome! and love the black door, i'm thinking of painting all the doors in my next house black. love it! happy new year!

  2. I just wish I had started following you sooner!

  3. thank you! I love our new black door :)
    Happy new year ladies!

  4. The calendar is really pretty hanging by my computer! Love your blog, keep the goodness coming!

  5. Thanks for the calendar. You are awesome!
    Mary Ann

  6. Thank you so much.. :)

    I'd love to see a picture angela!

  7. Oh wait the new stats of the day, 465 gfriends, and 304 facebook friends. I think you just won Mrs. Popularity girl. :)

    I know what to do next year, he he.

    I am so happy I found you, hope you remember me, even when you hit the BIG TIME!!!!


    Bella :)

  8. Bella,

    Nah, it just so happen that people like the calendar! Just got lucky. haha :D
    and you helped me a LOT to achieve that so thanks to you girl!

  9. hi i am planning to make my main door as black too but with minimalist line design


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