Here we go again A.K.A. Habagat sucks

8/15/2012 09:57:00 PM

I've been out of commission lately and this time, I have a valid reason. Our house was once again affected by this massive flooding! I thought the 2009 Ondoy incident was once in a lifetime thing, and would not happen again. Three years later, Habagat proved me wrong.

Oh and this time, it's not even a typhoon (meaning: no name) so we didn't have the privilege to curse it by its name. F U-------?!

AUG 7, 12am
We were all on our toes since the water level is only a few inches before reaching inside. But it subsided big time and we all thought it was over.

 It was up again and this time it's not stopping. Good thing most of us sleep at wee hours so we're all up and alert.  PANIC MODE ON, especially since one light source almost caught fire so we turned off our electricity.
We're all hauling stuff upstairs. Electronics, clothes, mattresses, pillows, my brother's studio equipments, water, can goods, and whatever we can fit into the two bedrooms above sea level. Oh kudos to yaya letty for having the time to cook rice before the house went under. Good thing the BF were with us that time so we had help keeping things moving. Thank you!

My brothers even managed to took snapshots of our house during this time.
habagat rain, habagat flood, house baha

habagat rain, habagat flood, house baha

Hauling is over and we were all upstairs. All 11 of us. We had breakfast (thanks to the newly cooked rice and canned goods) and found nook and crannies amidst all the stuff to settle in and rest. We slept, ate, talk, and waited... waited.... 12 hours later, that flood has not subsided one bit. It would rise a little, go down a little, but it was still there. Our supplies are winding down and we're hoping and praying for the flood to subside. 

Aug 8, 5:30am
Most of us are awake and we're waiting for sunrise to really see what's going on. By the time the sun was up, the water level was down two feet and rescue team came to get us out of house since street flood level was still high. My first time to ride a rubber boat. My dad's waiting for us with lots of food. He didn't make it home the other night due to high flood. Safety finally!

We return home to see what this habagat did to our house. 
habagat rain, habagat flood, house baha
Furniture all jumbled up.

habagat rain, habagat flood, house baha
Mud was everywhere and was on everything in sight.

habagat rain, habagat flood, house baha
Didn't even know where to start.

habagat rain, habagat flood, house baha

It's been a week and it's still not back to normal. TOO much cleaning to do. It's in a better state but that stinky water smell is still there. But everyone's on high spirits and taking it on stride. I'm just hoping that no ondoy nor enormous habagat rain would ever do this again. But unless someone do anything about it, drainage system, proper garbage disposal, etc etc, then one could only hope. 

So my dear clients, please bear with me. I'll be fully yours again shortly. :)


  1. ooh gosh thats awful. i wish the best for you guys!!!

  2. That's terrible :(
    I hope everything works out well for you and your family... good luck!

  3. Maybe you should think of transferring this time. This is the 2nd time around. There isnt any assurance that this won't happen again.

    Keep strong :)

  4. oh no elle! I feel for you. I'm such a fan - long time reader, first time commenter - but I had to comment for this post. All that lovely work you did post-Ondoy! But it looks like you and your family have it under control. Praying that you can all get through this quickly.

  5. Thanks everyone.. we're all very much okay. Soon enough, the house will be fine too. :)

  6. oh no that's terrible! first time water went inside the house too for us. but only ankle deep. been following your blog for a while and i thought about all your lovely projects. i hope they are still ok! :)


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