House of DuoDeco: Showroom Progress + Striped Facade

10/08/2012 02:17:00 AM

Since the last progress post is all about the upstairs (office & bedroom) and bathroom, here is an update on the space you'll see when you visit us, the showroom. We've come a long way but we still have a week or two to go before we can finally say "Tada!" 

Here's what it looks like the first time we set foot inside...

This is where we are now. 
We removed the division to open up the space. The remaining wall covers the stairs and was painted in accent chalkboard paint. I'll use that wall to practice what I've learned from college.

The other side of the space which used to be the dining/kitchen... 

here it is now...
All the built-ins were removed to provide more square footage to display items. Walls and ceilings  were painted white, and blue for the stair rails. The floors will eventually be white as well with some sort of geometric black pattern which I've yet to figure out.

The kitchen before...

We semi-closed off the kitchen area. We wanted it separate from the showroom, but still open since airconditioning will be from that side. The plan is to keep that kitchen spic and span and cute and presentable. Hope we can stick with it. haha

The old kitchen upper cabinets were replaced by the paneled cabinets from the dining area. We're still on the fence on what to do with the glass panel.. do we frost it? put pattern paper behind it? or keep it as it is and have the whole world see all our delatas and such. I want this kitchen to be functional, so no, I won't be putting just nice looking dinnerware in there. In fact, our plates would be hiding below so that cabinet above will be the pantry. We'll see.

Here's my favorite change that happened this week. The facade was painted black and white!
Hello there handsome... haha.. I smile whenever I pass by the street.. I even slow down a little just to take a longer glimpse of our facade. Crazy excited me.

We're getting closer and closer to the reality which is DuoDeco. Someone slap me and wake me up, everything went by so fast and not much planning was done. It feels like a dream. Hopefully I wake up to a really nice reality. Stay tuned! :) 


  1. Pogi nga!!! Now, I am beginning to love black! Congrats again Ms. Elle, your dream is now becoming a reality! I'm sure your furnitures will be a big hit! Sana magkaron ako kahit one piece. Hehe... ^_^

  2. Quite Insightful. You Have Brought Some Really Good Points.

  3. Are you going to sell the white rocking chair? :)

  4. @kurizutin thank you! Affordable items so I'm sure you can get kahit more than one piece from us! :)

    @tintinchin no eh.. that's for our office.. hehe :)

  5. Hi! Is chalkboard paint readily available in hardware stores?

  6. @Michi.. yes they have chalkboard paint in hardware stores.. not sure if everyone have them though. We added a tint of black to darken the color a bit. :)

  7. Hi, Elle! I'm a longtime fan. Congrats on the studio! Question: I'm moving to a new address. The place feels old so I'd like to spruce it up a bit. Can you please recommend a good line of matte paint? I don't like the ultra glossy kind that are very common in Filipino homes. I'm leaning towards white, gray and blue. And, I have very little budget so I might end up doing the painting myself. Please let me know your go-to brand. Thanks!


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