Someone's trash can be somebody else's treasure

2/10/2013 03:25:00 PM

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I know that for a fact. With all the renovations that I did, there's always used furniture that my client's needed to dispose of, and sure enough, some other people bought it for their home. My client's trash, someone's treasure. Told you. 

My brother do a lot of buy and sell around the house as well, as in he literally just looks for things that we don't use in here, and he sell it online at Boom. Instant money.

Sometimes, I also do some searching there for hidden gems that I won't find elsewhere . I'm currently working on an office (will share details soon!) that needed 10 chairs that has a lot of character. Nothing boring, nothing too typical. Lo and behold, I found this:

Well hello vintage chairs! Just perfect for our dark 70's concept. SOLD. Can't wait to share the space with you with these Clooney chairs in place. Yes, I'm naming them Clooney, it has seen a lot of years but still oh soooo handsome. Haha!

Thank goodness the seller is clearing some space in their home, or I won't be able to have these. So if you are doing some spring cleaning, or preparing for a renovation, sell your pre-loved items! You'll never know who'd be sooo happy to have them. It might just be me. Haha...

Go.. Ibenta mo na!

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