The Tale of the Lady Wing Chair (Before and After)

10/03/2013 01:12:00 AM

I'm currently doing an office with two separate areas-- a private space for the owners (2 office, meeting room, lounge area, bedroom) and the staff area (big communal working space, meeting area, and receiving space). I'll share them once I've got some photos. Hopefully next week!

One of the offices is for the lady owner who loves loves french chic, purple, and pink. Gotta love those combination! Actually did her condo unit which I've yet to introduce. Anyway, one of her requests is a fun wing chair to be her primary seating. It's quite difficult to find a wing chair for standard desk height. But lo and behold, we found one...

It was french, yes, but it's neither pink, purple, nor fun. But that's an easy fix. There's a huge potential for everything people. When I see some old crappy piece of furniture, I can totally envision what it can become..

Which is sometimes, this....

Combined everything she loves. I wanted it to be very playful and interesting so had them upholstered in two different fabrics. I think it gives it that much depth and contrast.

Had a matching pillow made for better back support. Pretty and comfy is perfection. (Just much like a gum. "Gum is perfection". If you know what I'm talking about, I love you. Haha..)

I super love the velvety deep purple fabric. It looks luxurious and makes this piece looks more expensive. 

Sanded all the wood and left it in it's natural wood color.

She's so pretty. Oh and this office will have a hot pink settee! Watch out for it. Haha...


  1. WOW!!! What a transformation! Ang ganda!

  2. Great transformation, Elle! I probably would have painted the wood frame, but regardless, it looks so pretty and feminine!



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