Wallpaper on Closet Doors

11/09/2013 08:47:00 PM

These days, most condos and townhouses have these generic closet covered in the cheapest laminate they can find. You inherit those once you buy or rent your space. If you're looking for a more personalized look, there's a very easy solution. Wallpaper. Sticker wallpaper that is.

On one of the units I'm working on, there's this pass through closet going from the bedroom to the bathroom. They wanted to have a sliding door to separate the closet from the bedroom so we can go all-out in the closet since it won't be visible from any other space.

The thing is, they are renting. We can't reconfigure anything permanently. They had some doors removed for a more open concept but it still lacks the wow factor they're looking for. 

Enter wallpaper sticker. I'm thinking of ways on how to update the remaining doors, and while walking the aisle of Wilcon, I saw these rolls of wallpaper sticker. I knew this would work. The size is perfect and it's fairly cheap at around P200 / roll. 

It's so easy to install. Remove the doors and lay it on the floor. Remove the handle. Wipe them down. Lay down the wallpaper, and once it's in perfect position, start peeling from the top. Stick, smooth, and peel again. Repeat process until you reach the bottom. Easy! Just a remainder, do not peel the entire thing at once. You need to peel little by little while sticking in position at the same time.

Here's the "new" cabinet door. Love the pattern. So sweet and pretty.

They wanted to open the closets where they'll put hanging clothes and keep the shelves closed, hence the remaining door.

Also painted the room a deep rose shade. Unfortunately, we can't paint the insides of the open closet since it's all laminate. But this will do for a personalized rented space. :)

Oh a bonus DIY. I needed a runner rug for the space but it's quite difficult to find the perfect size in a nice pattern, so I just had 3 bath mats sewn together.  

Side by side comparison on what an afternoon can do. 

By the way, I'll try to share where I purchased most of the items found in my posts from now on, so here goes. :) 

PRODUCT SOURCE: Wallpaper roll and pink hangers from Wilcon. Bathmats and storage box from Crossings Home.


  1. Great transformation. ♥ the color you choose. Candy pink make it so cool

  2. Wow...this closet turned out beautiful after putting these wallpapers on it. Really, small things make big differences. Thank you so much for providing these beautiful ideas.


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