Living in a Metal Box

1/07/2014 07:48:00 PM

Most of my internet hours in the past month were spent researching about shipping container. When I get obsessed with something, I can get overly crazy. Like a stalker of sorts, but instead of stalking people, I'm stalking a box. Online. Haha... If there's someone here who lives in one, I might be stalking them too. You know, just to see how happy and satisfied they are with their home. I'd probably badger them with so much question and won't leave them alone until I have all the answers. Crazy, I tell you.

As you can see from my last post, we're considering building a container home. Aside from the fact that it's cheaper, it is quite durable. Fire-proof, typhoon-proof, earthquake-proof, termite-proof.. very interesting. I've also been reading about how to make a metal box actually habitable in our almost always hot climate. Apparently, it's quite easy. Insulation, air flow, light exterior paint. But knowing me, the most important aspect is, can it be made beautiful inside? Well, apparently, it's a big YES.

This is the width of one container. Narrow, yes. But you can do a lot with the space. And for small spaces, big window is always the answer. It expands the visual floor area and makes it so much more livable.

Of course you can place containers side by side to widen your place. Like this kitchen/dining area. That's what we'll do anyway. Oh and did I mention, big windows?!

Simple, functional, and minimalist kitchen.

A nice galley kitchen will fit perfectly in the 8-foot standard width of a container. 

If you want to keep the container wall, you can do that too. It adds depth and texture to the space, and just the touch of industrial element. Lovely.

Wood warms up any cold looking space. Love this almost raw plywood shelves.

Or you can stick to the industrial nature of the container and go all out.

As for me, I'll cover the walls up for insulation, but will keep the corrugated ceiling. No way I'm gonna lower the ceiling since it's already 8' 10" ceiling height for an interior of a high-cube container. My dream is at least 10', but we all need to do some sacrifices if it means significant difference in cost. And I don't mind living in any of these spaces anyway. :)

As for the exterior, we'll just paint them, and embrace the look of the container. It can still be pretty you know.


Someday soon. I'll have you. I'll be sharing details as we go, even the cost of the entire thing. I want to be held accountable in budgeting this thing as it is one of the most important aspect. No budget, no house. Haha...Heres hoping we get this thing going. Would you live in a metal box? I would, and I will. :)


  1. IF the metal boxes that I'll be living in are like those above then count me in. I love those shelves and the kitchens!!!

  2. HI! I read somewhere that Hindy Tantoco's home in Laguna is made of old container vans :)

  3. @Arya me too!! :)

    @Cris I i googled immediately! Haha.. saw some write-ups but haven't seen any photos of the container house. If you have any link, let me know! Would love to see it. Thank you!

  4. Here...

  5. @cris thank you!! :) Wow love her place... does not look like shipping containers at all!


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