Project Dream Home: Narrow House Inspiration

4/28/2014 02:24:00 AM

We are progressing very slowly with project dream home, but still... progress! We've got the draft floor plan recently and it's looking very official. It's still a long long way from here, but just the thought of stepping a bit forward is exciting news. I've been dreaming of our very own home for years, and a few more waiting time is fine with me, hopefully we're talking about months this time.

As I've mentioned in the living/dining combo post, some changes in plans led us to build a bit tinier house. Narrow actually. But not your usual long and narrow layout which would be nice, I'm talking about short and narrow. But instead of wallowing on that thought, I'm taking it as a challenge to build a fully functional cozy home. 

The lot area is small, 3.5 x 8.5 meters small! But just 6.5 meters long on the first floor to give way for a doorway to an adjoining house. So it's just basically a room.

It will probably look this tight (the middle house), sans all the nice architectural detail of the neighborhood. The adjoining house is only two-story tall, and since our allotted lot is small, we're planning to build up ---which will probably look silly but we don't care. Haha

With that in mind, we'll definitely have one floor with kitchen / dining / living in one small space. But after measuring, I don't think we'll need to have the dining/living combo set-up, we could actually separate the two, albeit small, but at least separate? 
Not exactly like that lay-out but it's nice to know you can have all three functions in a space that small that still remains charming and pretty. But we gotta have a tv so that won't work. haha...

So I searched for some narrow living spaces and there's actually plenty. If you have a tight space, don't fret, there's a lot you can do to prettify it.

Love how cozy this seems yet still bright and airy. I'm hoping this is a little narrower than ours though!

I love this since we'll also have a small balcony in the living/dining/kitchen floor.. Gorgeous black glass doors, and I love the natural wood elements here and there. Would definitely do that.

We won't have those elaborate crown moldings, window casings, and most definitely no fire place. But wow this place is amazing. We're hoping to have a chesterfield sofa look-a-like with cognac brown leather, and I love the rug in here. But we'll use a cowhide since we already have that on hand.

This place is so calm and serene, definitely a lazy sunday / cold weather kind of space. And look they even have a 6-seater dining table in here. Super comfy and functional space.

I'd really much rather have a comfy sofa but what I love about this space is the airiness, natural wood floors, and lots and lots of shelves without looking cluttered at all.

This is more the look were going for. Comfy, eclectic, vintage, with actual stuff in it. Nothing showhouse-y. Just well lived-in and comfortable. Our window/balcony door will be the same layout as all the photos above, on the shorter wall. But I love the shelves in here, leather sofa, and hide rug. 

This is a peek of the draft of our living/dining/kitchen space (2nd floor), very far from being final, but it looks very official and very real. Oooh look at all those measurements! haha

There's an adjoining house on the left, and we need to have a balcony (and not extend the living area), since there should have a window on one of the room on the adjoining house, if that makes sense. Well it will make sense someday soon, I'll just show you a tour of the final house.. wow, tour?!?! Haha.. We should probably start with demolishing, putting up new foundation before we talk about tours noh? Haha


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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