Before and After: Bedroom Makeover

6/19/2014 04:23:00 AM

If you've read my previous (very long) post about the what-the-hell-is-going-on-about-project-dream-home update (thank you!), then you might remember that we needed to relocate the bf's mom to another room since the room she was using would be part of the tiny home renovation. That was a so-so room, a single bed, and lots of clutter she doesn't own/need. So this is a great opportunity to give her a space she could relax in, meaning, take the grand kids in which happened as soon as we revealed the room to her! :)

This is the room where we relocated her. It was just a spare room that houses all stuff not needed elsewhere. Don't be fooled, this was shot after we have cleared most of the stuff in here. 

It needed so much tlc. Rundown of what we did to this place:

1) Put a proper wall between this room and the maid's room.
2) Added pinlights
3) Repainted everything
4) Sanded and sealed the floors.
5) Installed aircon and exhaust fan
5) Wiring for new outlet / light / aircon / fans
6) Move in furniture
7) Accessorize

On reveal day, we actually had a ribbon cutting "ceremony". Haha.. 

This is what four days can do to a space. TADA! 

It's a very simple makeover, but it is so so worth it! We painted the walls a bluey purpley pale gray. We think it would be great with all the wood tones we're bringing in. All of the furniture in here are from around the house. They have a lot of beautiful vintage pieces so we have no trouble furnishing this room.

Oh and some of you might remember the curtains, it's the curtains I used for the very first makeover of my bedroom. (Pre-professional-decorating days) I love the print, but never loved it in my room. It just didn't clicked. But in here, it's perfect. Bf's mom loves plants, so this is a great nod to that. And the colors works better with all the wood tone in here, unlike my very ordinary furniture.

Just look at these wardrobe cabinets, gorgeous details, solid narra wood, and a very nice finish as well, not the plasticky shiny thing we used to seeing.

A simple gallery wall is in order. Even all the frames we already have. The main peacock print is something we found while cleaning up, and we have more of those prints! I need to decoupage something with those. There's a vintage portrait of their family, and others have placeholders that we're planning to replace with family photos. 

So that's the four day makeover challenge. She loves it so much, she even texted the bf that night to tell us how much she loves the new room, and all the details we put in there. Super worth it. 

As for the bf and I, we're still in a hazy organizing spree. And I'm guessing we'll be on it for the next couple of weeks. And after that, it would be a hazy renovating spree. We are looking forward, and a little bit dreading, the process. We know that this will be a step closer to the dream home, but I can just imagine the stress! Haha.. We'll get there. Slowly, very budget-consciously, get there.


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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