My Angkong

10/21/2014 11:49:00 PM

I've been sitting here thinking if I should write this post. I decided, yes, I really should. It would feel weird continuing without acknowledging and giving tribute to a great man we lost last week. We're all here because of him-- our lolo, our grandpa, our very dear Angkong.

He suffered a stroke and was in the ICU for two weeks before he passed on October 16. All of his children was by his side, and luckily, I was able to come too to say I love you and kiss him for the last time. It truly was heart-breaking. 

He was 92. Yes, he had lived a great full life. Yes, he was loved by all of us. But regardless of how full a life he lived, it still and will always be difficult to say goodbye.

As my brother said, Angkong had an ever jovial presence. He had this quirky smile, he's super groovy, and cool. He loves taking photos and videos of us during family gatherings. I was told that he would watch them from time to time, and I'm guessing he was pondering and celebrating the (BIG) family that he had created. 

Ama (grandma) told me they married young. They had to suddenly leave China one night, on a boat while bombs were literally dropping everywhere. They lived in Hong Kong for a few years, before finally settling in the Philippines because my Angkong's parents were here. They were supposed to celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary this year. My heart breaks for her. I know that the loss I'm feeling is nothing compared to hers. 

I don't know how he was as a dad, I've only known him as Angkong. But the love that his children have for him is immense that I'm sure that he's one great Papa. 

I'm thankful that they had managed to save photographs from the yesteryears, it allowed us a little glimpse of the life they had. The great life my Angkong had. I find comfort in knowing that he left us feeling so loved and appreciated.

I miss you dearly, Angkong. I love you. 

P.S. You see how handsome and pretty my grandparents are? No wonder we have such as good-looking clan. ;)


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandpa, Elle! Sounds like he had a wonderful, full life!

  2. My condolences. Your Angkong kinda looked like the Japanese actor, Hiro Mizushima ( this side note cheer you up a bit.: )

  3. @Mary D thanks. He did. :)

    @Anon thanks. Ang gwapo!


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