Tiny House Kitchen: Semi-DIY Wall Light Fixture

4/23/2015 05:08:00 PM

Let's take a break from the Happy Lulu update and go back to the Tiny House. So we're not pushing with the new target date of Pacquiao-Mayweather fight for finishing the house since we won't be watching it at home, we'll be at Boracay that time. Yep, this oldie is braving the Boracay crowd this Labor day weekend. Oh my gawd I'm excited yet scared. HAHA... I'm a homebody even when I was younger, so crowded place scares me. But I just want to experience that chaos once in my life so goodluck. hehehe...

Anyway, since we gave up on setting a target date for the Tiny House, we're not focusing on the house hence it's taking much more longer since we're not on top of purchasing materials etc. Was so busy with helping out at Happy Lulu the past weeks, but I'm again shifting my priorities to the house, so tomorrow would be bathroom tiles purchasing day! :) We're really really close to completion, they're now finishing the 1st and 2nd level, and final retouch for 3rd level. It's insane how close we are to finally having a house!

Anyways, kitchen.

As you can see in my moodboard, we wanted a vintage looking copper wall light. Of course, that won't be easy to find as we needed three. Plus I'm sure it will be expensive if we found three identical light. So we semi-DIYed it. Why "semi" you ask?

Well, we purchased this wall light from Wilcon for P400. It's cute, it's functional, but it's too short for what we wanted. The bf to the rescue! Haha.. He disassembled the light fixture and used plastic pipe to lengthen the light.

He then spray painted them copper, and here's our new kitchen task light!

I'm aware it doesn't look vintage at all, but it's cheap and the look works with what we want. 

It gives just the right amount of light that illuminate the shelf AND the counter as well. That's actually the reason why I wanted it longer, I wanted the counters to be lighted too. 

Here's our basically finished kitchen, just imagine food instead of power tools.

Can't wait to use this space. We're already planning what food we'll store in the fridge, what things to stock up on, etc. But that's just crazy talk 'coz the bf will probably use that counter as a workshop. Haha.. We'll wait and see.


  1. The bf to the rescue is a genius! Haha! Nobody would suspect that there are plastic/pvc pipes in there, because they really look like copper lamps. You guys did a great job. :-)

  2. Thank you so much, I love the look especially considering the cost! :)

  3. https://www.vistaresidences.com.ph/blog/tips-to-be-happier-in-your-condo


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