Tiny House Bedroom: Second floor update

6/15/2015 11:17:00 PM

So you haven't heard anything about the Tiny House for quite some time. Something came up and I haven't got the chance to share all our progress, which is a LOT!! Our construction officially ended last week. Which means we are done! Well not totally, the workers will come back for one last round of retouches after we clean up and give them a checklist of things to accomplish. But that cleaning up is taking too long since we're not actually starting yet. HAHA... It's ironic how we're so eager to finish the house and now that we're there, it's taking us too long to do our part. In our defence, we have a lot of accumulated stuff gathering layers and layers of dust so it's not just cleaning walls and floors, it's cleaning every single things we have in here plus all parts of the house. Not looking forward to that. Haha.. But we'll do it soon.

For now, I'll show you the second floor. You haven't seen much of it since it was done on the later part of the renovation. It was the bf's previous room, and now it will be our bedroom area. The whole second floor is our bedroom, which is not a lot of space. It will basically house the bed, a tv, and our dressing area.

Here's the view going down from the third level... we did a sliding door to save on floor space.

The view from the door. We visually separated the area in two using an arch. The bf is firm on having an arch anywhere in the house, so we placed it here. We love it!! Since our house is basically a shell, we wanted to add some architectural detail somewhere.

To the left is my closet area. We reused the closet door which was given to us, and I painted the insides pink! Though I can find a photo for now.. I'll share them once I did the organizing. At first I'm not sure how to fit all my clothes in here since my closet now is double the size of this. But, I realized I don't use more than half my clothes, so I'll purge big time. I want to start clean in this house. I'm excited to do it actually, it feels liberating.

On the other side of my closet is this space, which will be the closet area of the bf. Obviously the closet isn't here yet and to be honest, I still have no idea what his plans are. He doesn't have so much clothes so he doesn't need a huge closet. But I leave it up to him, my only condition is please not have your stuff out in the open, and no plastic bins and containers. Hehe

Beyond the arch will be the main bedroom area. It's a small space so the bed will fill the space up easily. This side will have the tv 'cause lets face it, we need it. 

This is where the headboard will be. The door was the pass through to the balcony to the other house. But since we removed the balcony to extend the bedroom area, we closed up this door.

This is that wall now. We added molding on the walls and ceiling, again, for that architectural detail. We're not really particular in matching all level of the house. We wanted the loft office to be a creative space, the 3rd living space to be vintage industrial, and we wanted to the 2nd level bedroom to be some sort of modern parisian. Our house is schizophrenic. haha

Inside the bedroom area looking to the other side. The door to the right is our main bathroom. I'll share those to you sometime soon since we're still not final on what to do with the walls. We left it concrete for now for the industrial look, but we're not really sold yet. Stay tuned! 

We painted the walls a creamy white / ivory color to offset all the dark colors upstairs. We wanted a bedroom that's airy and relaxing. 

Ooh and we installed this light fixture. Love the moderness of this against the more traditional moldings and arch.

So that's basically it for the 2nd level. Of course the floors had been finished, and the doors painted and installed. We can actually move in this floor since most of our stuff are upstairs and downstairs. This space is clutter free and move-in ready! But we haven't bought any appliance yet so there's this aircon hole on the wall. Haha.. But we're here. We're done. After all the waiting and whining, this is it. Now all we have to is suck it up and clean. Haha...


  1. Really love how your place turned out. Congratulations! Is there any chance that you will accept projects at this very busy phase of yours? Btw, I sent you an e-mail just recently. _JD

  2. this bedroom is going to be gorgeous. i was just wondering are you planning to put in a vanity/dresser? if yes, where are you going to put it? is the bathroom the best place? thank you for answering. currently redecorating our bedroom and debating whether or not to get rid of my vanity table and just put everything in the bathroom

  3. @anon thank you so much. Did reply to a bunch of emails a while ago, let me know if you got one. If not, kindly resend your inquiry. Thanks! :)

  4. @Mia jacinto I definitely won't have a dedicated vanity/dresser because of space constraints and I want to keep things simplified. I had them put drawers on one of the closet specifically for make-up / beauty products / accessories. I'll be hanging accessories on the inside closet doors as well. :) Mirror I might put on closet door or I can use the bathroom. Daily used products such as lotions etc will be on the bathroom. I'll do a post on how I will organize once I officially move. :)

    If you have space, then you can have the vanity so you'll have a dedicated space and you keep things more organize this way. :)

  5. Thanks Elle...I sent you a new one._JD

  6. Hi elle,i admire your work!😊 can you pls share the mechanism of your sliding door,does it glide easily? Where can i possibly buy it? im looking for that kind for we have the "stanley" brand and we don't like it. Thanks!

    1. I actually don't know the brand of the sliding door, just bought it off at screw master (tusoy) in del monte. They also have a brand in soler. But I think the key is to use a mechanism that will support the weight of the door. :) Our is still working great so far.

  7. https://www.vistaresidences.com.ph/blog/tips-to-be-happier-in-your-condo


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