Coralized TV Stand

4/15/2011 04:51:00 AM

I love custom mixed paint! You bring a sample (in my case it's a fabric swatch), and they'll manually mix it right in front of you. They're like concocting a secret recipe for that perfect yummy color. I always watch in awe when they do that. Which leads me to the actual point of this post...

I'm so in love with the coral shade of my new bedding...
bedding, bright fun pillow cases, colorful pillow case

So I have a paint mixed and I got this...
coral paint, orange paint, pink paint
You can't appreciate it that much in these inaccurately colored pictures, but that coral is so yummy looking despite my dirty paint can, and is an exact match to the bedding! But I guess that's the point of custom mixed paint. :)

I'm planning to use that paint for some of my bedroom accents such as the artwork, and this...
tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
It's a hand-me-down from my grandma. Love the shape, love the size, but the color is all wrong for the room. I know it's a perfect match with the curtain, but that won't stay either.

Here's my coralized TV stand...
tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
Much much better. Though it's a pain to paint something like this using a brush (spray is the easiest), the effort is worth it. I guess I applied five coats of paint to fully cover this thing.

This piece is actually a night stand, but it's perfect for the TV. It has a dvd player "holder" and it's not bulky for that tight space. 
tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
 I also like the openness of it. Most of the furniture in the bedroom is squarish and heavy looking, so this doesn't add to the weight of the room, and gives a bit of color in that area.

tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
If you're very particular with paint colors, have it custom mixed! The possibilities are endless. Ooohh that would be a good tagline for a paint store. haha...

P.S. Have you noticed the new curtain as well? Details soon. You'll be surprised with what I used to hang them. :)


  1. Great colour! Coral is one of my faves :)

  2. Love coral Elle!
    The table is more beautiful now!

  3. I'm loving coral these days. It came out great.

  4. nice color! what paint did you use for the nightstand?

  5. I hope to paint my dining room walls in coral pink, above the chair rail. Would you be willing to share the kind of paint and formula?


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