How I hang my curtain

4/18/2011 06:48:00 AM

The other curtain is finally up! Neutral grayish-blue pale fabric was my choice since my first curtain was....
Love the fabric, but hate is as a window covering for the bedroom. Especially if the window fills two large walls. It's limiting my bedding choices. If you're planning to have a pattern fabric for your curtains, consider the other print in your room too - bedding, upholstery, etc. They should compliment, not clash. And the only thing that would not clash with my previous curtain are browns, beige, and muted green, with minute patterns! So not me.

Which lead me to the decision of using a very neutral fabric, perfect background for all the colors and patterns I love. 

(The vanity now lives on the other side of the room where the frames used to be -see here. The white dresser is the new nightstand.)

Here's the answer to the post title.
Yep, I used ring binders and clips from none other than National Bookstore. :) I always wanted the clips I see around blogland, but I don't think we have it here. Well, I didn't even ask since I've got this crazy idea of using those two office supplies. It worked like a charm! But I don't recommend it as a permanent solution especially if you intend to open and close the curtains regularly. The fabric will let loose if you're not careful. This is just a cheap temporary DIY solution to any bare window. You can clip flat sheets or any other fabric, think of the possibilities!

I intended to spray paint the pole, rings, and clips, but I do not have the time. Besides, I kinda like the peek of different colors up there.

This wall is pretty much done (which is mostly window anyway). On to the other three!


  1. Smart! Very smart! :P I should try that with my own curtains next time!

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  2. Do you think that 1 big open room should have 1 colored wall or is it okay to have sort a different colored wall/s?

  3. very clever! i couldn't find any clip-on rings. i'll do that instead.

  4. This way has to be much cheaper than clip on rings- I found them at Loews in the curtain section but the selection is not nearly as colorful or fun as this! I have to ask: where do you find all that GREAT furniture? The vanity and desk are A-MAZING!!!!!

  5. Thank you! :)

    @Kay: It's okay to have an accent wall, but make sure it relates to the other elements in the room. But it would be hard to pull off a different colored walls, but I see it work at times. Good luck!

    @Rachael: The vanity is an old piece we have that I repainted, and bought an secretary desk and refinish it. :) Thanks!!


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