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5/07/2011 10:00:00 PM

When I think about a dream space, it would always be a loft-ish inspired look where there are tons of light, ultra high ceilings and exposed beams in one big open space. That's where the word "dream" comes into play, because a space like that is soooo far from my reality!  I would need to be filthy rich to have that dream, Haha... But I don't mind, I'll be contented with any place I could decorate and call my own. I'll make it my own.

But for my dream's sake, here are some inspiration homes that has some very lucky owners.

Graphic wall paper / blue walls / traditional-modern chairs / shabby chic table / exposed ducts
Not your typical combination, but it works so well!

Good gawd look at that ceiling! and drapery! and flooring! and fridge! and the colors! Okay you get it. This is one totally chic loft.

Not afraid of colors? These loud fun hues can breath and work well in a big space.

I want brick walls. It adds so much character to a room. This worn-out bricks brings warmth to this room. Or I guess that gorgeous chandelier helped too!

This room is so artsy and great despite all that exposed tubes and box. (you can change "despite" to "because of" on that last sentence too!)

I love this loft! Soft and feminine with lots of interesting pieces. 

What a huge post! It's cool to have a detail like that if you have an equally huge room.  A lot would find the airconditioner duct an eyesore, but I say it adds another layer to the space. Some kind of silvery jewel on the upper wall. 

Now back to reality. I've been stalling on my posts and I hate myself for that. It's just a very busy (and happy) time for me. My first project is almost done (updates on that soon), and two new project is about to start. Yay! Thank you God. I'll promise to have a more real time posts on future projects. 'Til then....



  1. All these pictures make me really want to move into a loft right now...:3

  2. I love the 2nd and the 6th pic! That ceiling in the 2nd I have to agree the ceilings are awesome. The pink sofa adds the right amount of color. I could move into that 6th pic right now. So jealous : )

  3. Gorgeous spaces! I do love a dreamy loft :)

  4. I love love love your blog especially all your diy post im also a good follower and share you an award here

  5. I could move in to any of these space.. haha.. thanks for the award air.. :)


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