Two-way gorgeous

6/07/2011 09:36:00 PM

Let's take a pause from my regular what's-up-design-projects-posts shall we? As much as I find them amusing (I hope you do too!), I can't help but feast on these goodness.

Style at Home had this series called One Room, Two looks, which I don't think needs further explanation as to what it's all about. Samantha Pynn styled these particular shots, and its gooorgeous! I-MUST-POST.

Here are my two favorites.

Changing the artwork, and putting a graphic paper lining totally changes the feel of the space. Both are equally stunning.

Sunny dining became Glam office with just a cushion and table set-up switch.

I'm picturing my future home to have that fresh airy fun vibe. Samantha sure can style the heck out of those rooms!

Check out the other One Room, Two Looks here.


  1. What a beautiful room. I always love yellow.

  2. I always love yellow with blue! :)

  3. Really fabulous pictures you have shared. Look like a dream house. Just love it.

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