HO of the day: Ocean blue

7/02/2011 09:53:00 PM

This space is awesome because: 1)  it has a lot of blue and white with a touch of pink, 2) it has a work space and a lounge space, 3) it has a frame gallery --i love those! and 4) it's so crisp and modern and comfy all rolled into one.


  1. I love that color as well! I have some element of blue throughout my whole house in some form : )


  2. I love the color combination. My room is in baby blue and I'm currently filling it up with white furniture as well. I wish I had it in ocean blue instead.

  3. dear,what type of paint did u use..give me the paint code please..love the color

  4. Hi, no idea.. :) I just got the photo off the net.. :) thanks!


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