Pattern + Fabric + Windows = ?

8/24/2011 04:39:00 AM



Of course it will only be fab if done right. Gone are the days when your drapes, beddings, pillows, and all sorts of pattern-related pieces should match. It was pretty THEN. I guess? I'm staring at the above photo and wondering when really was this look in-style. And now I'm wondering if the rooms we consider pretty today (think Lonny, Elle Decor) will be conceived as ugly someday. I can't imagine.

Anyway.... let's get to the point. Pretty patterned draperies.
(or curtains? what's the difference anyway?)

Be inspired by your favorite fabric and design the room around it. In this space, you can see the colors on the curtains all around the room. 

Add a punch of fun print to a very formal space. 

This is a great example of how to combine lots of patterns. This room got plenty -drapes, headboard, foot stools, pillows, rugs, walls - and yet it works beautifully.

Get a color from your drapes and paint an accent furniture in it.

Here's a beautiful way on how to do kind of matchy-matchy. Drapes and the huge artworks really matches but still distinct in their own way. 

Get a color from your curtains and have your wall in that hue. It will look intentional.

It's 4am and I can't think of anything clever to say. Cute room. :)

Big bold pattern is great on huge windows. Wait... this is Elle decor, so will the future people cringe at the site of this? Yeah I can't let that go. 

So that's a post a half asleep person can manage to type. I hope I remember this in the morning. Oh wait, its morning already.. goodnight.

P.S.  I googled. Curtains are lighter, more casual, usually without lining. Draperies are formal, pleated with lining that mostly hang on a traverse rod. Another PS, to the owner of the room on the first photo... sorry. Now this is really goodnight.


  1. LOVE! thanks for the inspiration. my grandma is giving me a beautiful set of tropical floral print curtains and i can't wait to put them up in my bedroom.

  2. I have always wished to have the ability to combine multiple patterns together, and for it to work perfectly, like it does in that bedroom above. Seamless design, wonderful.

  3. Fabric designs, patters, selection of colors is just perfect. I am really inspired with this pictures and wanna decorate my room like first pic from starting of your post.

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  4. Hi! I am only finding this blogpost now - but I wanted to say how much I loved your compilation. I am putting together a moodboard for a blogpost and I've decided on having a more patterned fabric for the draperies. Your post convinced me I was on the right track! Thanks! Linda


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