Color me pretty

8/22/2011 05:46:00 AM

I just need to share this space. This room speaks to me so loud, its inspiring. It's fun, quirky, and effortless. Turquoise and pink are two of my fave colors so its no wonder I'm loving this space so much. But what I like about this is its sense of humor. Yup, rooms can have that too! Those giant fork and knife curtain print, and that weird artwork tells me the owner doesn't take herself too seriously -a really great quality if you ask me. 


  1. so much fun! love the look of your blog now!

  2. It is quirky and fun. A room that is livable welcomes people to stay awhile.

  3. hiiii i just wanted to let you know i listed you as one of our must reads :) love your blog and your work!

  4. @Designwali thanks, my blog color actually matches this room. haha
    @despar2 exactly!
    @janea thank you so much, appreciated the shout out :)

  5. Hey Elle, the woman who owns this beauty of a house owns the Danish company RICE which is all super colourful home/kitchen accessories which I sell in the shop I work at its awesome!! Have you seen some other pics of her home too? I have them if you want me to forward them over?


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