HO of the day: Casual Sleek

9/13/2011 05:45:00 AM

I'd feel like I'm working in a gorgeous modern library if I'm lucky to have a space like this. If you have a gazillion books, this is the way to do it. It sets the tone of the whole space and makes it so conducive to learning/working. Go vertical and make the shelves full ceiling height. That chrome ladder is not only useful but also brings some industrial vibe to this room.

If only I have that much books.... or the extra space... haha


  1. I adore this work space as well. I am a full believer of using space all the way up to the ceiling. It makes the space feel a lot bigger

  2. Oh how I dream of the day when I have bookshelves like that! This space looks like the perfect place to work, fantastic natural lighting, and gorgeous books surrounding you.


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