SWITCHEROOmates: Jar and company

9/19/2011 08:18:00 PM

Say hello to Jar, his wife, and their new baby Diego -the proud owner of this Santorini inspired home. They're not photographed for this post, but their home is! 

I saw clips of their home via twitter and I asked him if he could send me some photos to share in the blog. I'm so glad he said yes. I really want to feature homes of fellow Filipinos, and hopefully, this is the first of many.

Welcome to their abode....
I love the clean white, with a punch of blue. Their choice of furniture is so streamlined and fresh.

They got this condominium unit really bare.  They configured this space and renovated it to suit the needs of a their budding family.

"Our inspiration was Santorini - white, Greek flag blue, and ocean artifacts. We've never been there, but that's exactly the drawing point. We wanted our home to feel like an escape from the outside world. It was a place to feel safe, inspired, and cozy." -Jar
And I really do think it's inspiring! This is a perfect example of designing a room around an artwork. The feel of this space, the colors, and the elements are taken from the painting. It really is the starting point for all that beachy vibe.

The awesomely professionally shot photos courtesy of none other than the unit owner himself. Check out his blog here. Yep, he's a pro photographer. I really hope I can have some of my work shot like this one! And I know awesomely is not a word, I just want to rhyme. I'm unpoetic like that, and I mean that in the most literal kind of way.

*Hey, are you from the Phil too? I want to feature your space. Email me photos at switcheroom (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Really nice. I hope I can makeover my home someday.

  2. It's called "passion". Good job, Jar and Kay.

  3. pretty cool, very nice atmosphere~

  4. Thank you for the feature Elle! I'm glad to be your first for this section. I'm sure you'll find a lot of lovely homeowners out there! I can't wait to see this section flourish! Again, it's such an honor! Thank you x 3!

  5. Thanks for sharing your space Jar, and I really hope I can feature more homes in this blog section.. :)

  6. This space is such an inspiration!

    For now, our 1 bedroom, 33 square meter space is a total mess, but I am challenging myself to make it at least half presentable as this condo unit.


  7. Hi Jill thanks for dropping by! :) I'm Elle from Modistabyelle long before this blog pa. I reached out to you a couple of times before for feature at kikay exchange. Anyway, good luck with your unit. Pag naayos nyo na, send me photos so I can put it up here. :)

  8. I hope my photos will pass muster:p

    Glad to see you're doing well and still doing what you love :)


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