Christmas Whimsy

12/24/2011 09:35:00 PM

Toby Fairley via HGTV

I'd love to recreate this tree someday! This would totally amp up the whimsy and fun of the Holiday Season. 

May you all have a blessed, fun-filled Christmas!

Much love and gratitude,


  1. Hi Elle. M a new follower. Do u ship chairs to davao? Thanks

  2. Hi there.. thanks for following :) I'm not selling chairs eh. Those chairs I posted before were old chairs of my clients that we just refinished and reupholstered. Thanks anyway!

  3. That is one heck of a delicious tree. Have enjoyed watching your designs being carried out on people's rooms - hope you get lots more lovely work next year!
    Merry Christmas x

  4. If that's d case can u recommend a store in Manila where I can buy those kind of chairs by calling them and asking to ship them to Davao? I love particularly d one with yellow fabric and white structure. Altho there is one selling here in Davao at 12th a piece, I find it too expensive. I've seen your work in real living oct2011 issue and again that kind of chair was featured, it was in pink and white. I hope you can help me. Giving me a landline or mobile number would do. Thank u so much. I appreciate your reply. Merry Christmas.

  5. Hope you had a happy holiday, lady. I'll be scanning your archives for inspiration!


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