The Bedding chapter 3

The time has come to change the look of my bedroom, yet again. No I'm not talking about another makeover! I'm not that crazy.

This is just the time when dust and dirt wins and I had to change my bedding to the second set I had custom made. You can see the vision (a.k.a. fabrics thrown over pillows in an attempt to see how they would actually look) here, and the first turquoise/ coral set here.

I love that a subtle change can shift the look of a room. This one is definitely more feminine and youthful!
Hot pink and orange anyone?
custom bedding, orange pillow case, hot pink pillowcase

I had this made just like the first one, printed with a coordinating plain fabric with white borders.
custom bedding, orange pillow case, hot pink pillowcase

In selecting bed dresses, make sure that all the sets you have compliments the room. Don't plan your entire room with only one bedding in mind, only to have a totally out of place set every other week or so. All your sets should match (not in a matchy-matchy kind of way) your room. Am I even making sense here? Anyway...

custom bedding, orange pillow case, hot pink pillowcase

I really need to have an artwork above the bed to balance the tall lamps! My bed looks drwarf-ish in here. If only I could find the time (and patience) to start this DIY artwork.
custom bedding, orange pillow case, hot pink pillowcase

This is the last installment of the Bedding trilogy. I'll be enjoying these sets for a long time, I'm laying my head on them as we speak   I write  WE SPEAK - wth, I feel like I'm talking to you, so be it.   

Goodnight all! Signing off at 4:53 am :)

Window Thrift Shopping

Oooh I finally have my own thrift shop adventure post. Though this is merely a random quick stop, at least I managed to fed my thrift craving after all the envy worthy finds I see around blogland.

I randomly passed by an antique thrift shop along Kamuning and decided to check it out. It turned out to be two floors of antique stalls goodness! My VERY thrifty self finds some pieces to be a bit expensive, but they're still quite a unique find for any home. 

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Flush mount Crystal Chandelier P15,000

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
White lamp P7,000 pair

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Huge Venetian Mirror (50" x 37") P15,000

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Really cute bottles with working faucets!

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Huge French Provincial Mirror (around 63" across) P20,000

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Ornate Mirror

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
White Lamp P7,000 pair

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Brass Lamp P7,000 pair

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Gold/Black Vase P4,000 for both

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Chunky Red Lamp P8,000 pair

kamuning thrift shop,ornate mirror, brass lamps, venetian mirror
Ornate Mirror

These are mostly lamps and mirrors since I'm on the hunt for those, but there's a lot of other stuff you can get there. Sorry didn't list some of the prices, but if you're a great haggler, you'll surely find a good deal! Can't wait for my next thrift-trip, and hopefully I'll be able to bring home some of those vintage goodies.

(It's along Kamuning, before EDSA if you're coming from T. Morato. Right Side)

How I hang my curtain

The other curtain is finally up! Neutral grayish-blue pale fabric was my choice since my first curtain was....
Love the fabric, but hate is as a window covering for the bedroom. Especially if the window fills two large walls. It's limiting my bedding choices. If you're planning to have a pattern fabric for your curtains, consider the other print in your room too - bedding, upholstery, etc. They should compliment, not clash. And the only thing that would not clash with my previous curtain are browns, beige, and muted green, with minute patterns! So not me.

Which lead me to the decision of using a very neutral fabric, perfect background for all the colors and patterns I love. 

(The vanity now lives on the other side of the room where the frames used to be -see here. The white dresser is the new nightstand.)

Here's the answer to the post title.
Yep, I used ring binders and clips from none other than National Bookstore. :) I always wanted the clips I see around blogland, but I don't think we have it here. Well, I didn't even ask since I've got this crazy idea of using those two office supplies. It worked like a charm! But I don't recommend it as a permanent solution especially if you intend to open and close the curtains regularly. The fabric will let loose if you're not careful. This is just a cheap temporary DIY solution to any bare window. You can clip flat sheets or any other fabric, think of the possibilities!

I intended to spray paint the pole, rings, and clips, but I do not have the time. Besides, I kinda like the peek of different colors up there.

This wall is pretty much done (which is mostly window anyway). On to the other three!

HO of the day: Hello Drama

I don't think I'll ever do this so much drama of high-gloss wall to wall black shelves, but it sure looks pretty! And those cute silhouette wall lamps gives a touch of whimsy to this space.

glamorous office, black shelves, high-gloss paint

Coralized TV Stand

I love custom mixed paint! You bring a sample (in my case it's a fabric swatch), and they'll manually mix it right in front of you. They're like concocting a secret recipe for that perfect yummy color. I always watch in awe when they do that. Which leads me to the actual point of this post...

I'm so in love with the coral shade of my new bedding...
bedding, bright fun pillow cases, colorful pillow case

So I have a paint mixed and I got this...
coral paint, orange paint, pink paint
You can't appreciate it that much in these inaccurately colored pictures, but that coral is so yummy looking despite my dirty paint can, and is an exact match to the bedding! But I guess that's the point of custom mixed paint. :)

I'm planning to use that paint for some of my bedroom accents such as the artwork, and this...
tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
It's a hand-me-down from my grandma. Love the shape, love the size, but the color is all wrong for the room. I know it's a perfect match with the curtain, but that won't stay either.

Here's my coralized TV stand...
tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
Much much better. Though it's a pain to paint something like this using a brush (spray is the easiest), the effort is worth it. I guess I applied five coats of paint to fully cover this thing.

This piece is actually a night stand, but it's perfect for the TV. It has a dvd player "holder" and it's not bulky for that tight space. 
tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
 I also like the openness of it. Most of the furniture in the bedroom is squarish and heavy looking, so this doesn't add to the weight of the room, and gives a bit of color in that area.

tv stand, coral tv stand, colorful night stand
If you're very particular with paint colors, have it custom mixed! The possibilities are endless. Ooohh that would be a good tagline for a paint store. haha...

P.S. Have you noticed the new curtain as well? Details soon. You'll be surprised with what I used to hang them. :)

Stylist's home office: Moodboard and details

The renovation of my first project (yay!) had began.

The client had a very specific requirement for the use of space. It should have a table that could sit at least three people, a couch for guests, a gallery of past work, large mirror for fittings, and PLENTY of storage for wardrobe, magazines, books, and other stuff.

All in a 19 sqm space.

Here's what's going to happen:
liz uy home office, office renovation
liz uy home office, office renovation
That's not a detailed details, but the much shorter version of the conversation I had with the contractor and the client. This post will be extremely long and boring if I share all the nitty-gritty, and I'm pretty sure you already want to see the good part, the moodboard. :) One last none boring thing, the adjoining bathroom will receive a complete makeover too, details on another post. We'll remove the tub to make way for the hidden storage behind the mirrored wall, and replace it with a smaller shower area instead.

Here you go, the moodboard I made for the space, I'm sure all the arrows above will make more sense with these boards. (two versions with just a few color switcheroo <-- I finally got to use that word! haha)
liz uy home office, office renovation, liz uy office moodboard, plum sofa

liz uy home office, office renovation, liz uy office moodboard, plum sofa
I'm loving the drama of jewel colors against a fresh backdrop. The colors liven up the space without being juvenile. 

I can't wait to finish up that room, but I'm actually enjoying the process of slowly getting there, dust and all.

Which of the two is your favorite?

Bedroom transition(S) in a glance

If you've been following this blog, you'll know that my bedroom has been through a makeover fiasco. It went from one look to another in just few short months. Let's go back and see how this all turned out, shall we?

 Here's the condition of this room that we endured for years. By we, I mean my brothers. It's their bedroom that I snatched up from them when our whole home makeover began. They got an equally big room downstairs that connects to their music studio. Everybody happy.
The walls were not that dark originally, but 12 years of never repainting cause it to be a muddy hue. All the furniture are hand me downs, obviously. You'll also see a peek of the vanity that I made over on the left.

Here's the first makeover.  A fresh coat of paint, refinished floors, and some feminine stuff thrown in there with the vast majority of it is this tropical curtain.
You can see the whole first makeover story here. It's quite an improvement from it's original sad sad state. But I'm not feeling the whole look of the room, the only part of the space that I at least feel is true to my bright and colorful aesthetics was the gallery wall. And it's not even perfect. So another makeover happened.

Here is the room now.
Sorry that's the only angle closest to the other two above that I had. Besides, the other part of this space is currently unphotographable (which I'm sure is not an actual word).

Those three pictures could pass as different rooms, which is what's great about makeovers, the thrill of updating a room that it becomes unrecognizable. In a good way, of course. :)

Our home makeover's finishing touches is moving in a very slow pace, thanks to all the other stuff that's been keeping me busy. But we will get there, one project at a time. I'll be sharing with you some living room pictures soon!

*see the entire bedroom progress here

Dreamland: Walk-in closet

Gentlemen, please excuse this post as it is dedicated to the ladies. Unless you're into clothes, shoes, and frilly stuff, then go ahead...

Who among you ladies dream of having a walk-in closet?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

Nowadays, having enough storage for all of our stuff is a struggle itself, so imagine a room entirely dedicated to it! One of my (hopefully!) next project is a french/victorian inspired walk-in. I'll probably daydream that I'm doing my own closet the entire project duration!

Here are some inspirations, come drool with me. :)

Elle Decor

Elle Decor


 Elle Decor

 Canadian house and home

 Canadian house and home

 House and Home



HO of the day: Heavenly

The soft pinkish wall with the white, gold and turquoise accent is pure heaven. There are a couple of colors going on here, but it's toned down which makes this whole space soothing. If you're afraid of color and want to start incorporating them to your home, go with a duller/paler version of you're favorite hue. It would still appear fairly neutral without being boring. :)

Moving forward - project home office begins

It's been a crazy past few weeks for me, crazy good that is. Everything is unexpectedly turning 360 in a truly positive way. I started this blog to document our much needed home makeover, share my DIY adventures, and just write about on what has been a passion of mine for the longest time -interior design.

Starting next week, I'll move forward. I'll take a bigger leap and do design projects other than our own abode. It's a challenge that I'm embracing with open arms and heart. Opportunities are banging on my door and I'm crazy not to let it in. I know I'm sounding like a high weirdo right now, but that's how I'm feeling --high with excitement and appreciation!

The first project is a stylist's home office. It's currently bare and is just a holding ground for stuff.

Here's the view from the main door. The door to the left is the bathroom.
liz uy home office

The space has two huge windows that let in a lot of light, with an amazing view of the city. Lucky her!
liz uy home office

With all of her stuff, this space's number one priority is efficient storage.
liz uy home office

The plan is done but I'll share all the details on another post. It will be quite a list. One thing I'll tell you is a lot will be going on in the next couple of weeks. We'll take a wall down, a tub will be removed, the bathroom will have a new layout, floors will be changed, etcetera etcetera etcetera!

I'm thrilled to work outside my super tight (nearly non-existent) budget, and have my real vision materialized. I'll be sharing the progress of this space, so stay tuned!

I feel so blessed as two other projects are on the works (fingers crossed!), and I can't wait to start walking down this new path. I might even go back to school, we'll wait and see. :)

This may mean that our own home will take the back seat for now, you all know that I'm the only one who's doing the nitty-gritty on our projects. I don't blame them, it's all my idea anyway! haha.. But I'll still fit in a little here and there to finally have this house done.

Thank you all for sticking with me, and thank you God for the blessings!
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