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HO of the day: High Romance

9:16:00 PM
I'm usually drawn to fun bright home offices, but there's just something about this space that I love. The use of dark color all over the walls and furnishes, balanced with white and bright open windows. I can just imagine this room at night with soft warm white mood lighting, so romantic! <-- you'd think I'm talking about a bedroom suite. haha
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Food Stylist's Office: The Frame Gallery

8:14:00 PM
One of my favorite ways to decorate a wall is by doing a frame gallery. Those of you who've read this blog from way back would know that. (proof: here, here, here, here) It personalizes any room by displaying family photos, published work, favorite art -anything that can be framed actually. The possibilities are endless. The kind of frames you use will also affect the overall look of the wall. I wrote a post before on ways to display frame gallery -read here.

Anyway, for this office, we're displaying past works and magazine features of the client's work. I have them framed in white, light wood, and silver for some contrast but still keeping the feel light.

Forgot to photograph the process but basically, I just laid them out on the floor, arrange and re-arrange until I got to a look that I really like. Which is this:
frame gallery, wall gallery, framed art, wall frames

Then off to the wall they go.
frame gallery, wall gallery, framed art, wall frames

The colorful vibe of the "artwork" really reflects the look we're going for and I'm so thrilled with the outcome.
frame gallery, wall gallery, framed art, wall frames

Up next on this office is shelf styling 101, then the big reveal. Stay tuned! :)
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Office+Lounge: The Progress

11:12:00 PM
The Office+Lounge project is up to speed and is almost done. The renovation part is actually done as we speak I blog, we're on to decorating in a few days. Can't wait.

Of course, a makeover isn't all beauty. There's a gap between the before and after pictures that is full of dusts, scraps, and fumes. That, my friend, is called construction. :) Here are the progress of this space. To see the before pictures and the plan, click here.

Custom-built L-shape desk to maximize the small space.
dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

The media box shelf will house all sorts of TV related stuff. Dvd, ps3, etc. It actually goes through the wall so the inner part is much deeper.
dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

That far wall is where the window and door (leading to the garage) used to be. That's the wall for display shelves and lower drawers.
dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

 Here's the almost done space:

Added a very subtle stripes for a little visual texture. That opening connects to Food Stylist's Office. See the contrast of the moody & dark vs fun & airy. I love it.
dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

This is the lounge space where an L-shape couch will be in place. That shelves will house collectible toys for the big boys. :)
dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

Lighted shelves
dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

Lower part of the shelves are all drawers. We used chrome inset pulls to add some bling. Yep I just used the word bling. Is it acceptable for someone over 24 to use that term??  haha
dark room, black room, room makeover, office makeover

The room is now a far cry from where it started. Really, it is. If you haven't seen the before shots, AGAIN, click here. I know I already linked it up somewhere in this post, but it doesn't hurt to be persistent you know? I'll do it again just so you'll click it and see my vision come to life. here here here. Okay that's borderline annoying so I'll stop now. :)

Posting after pictures of this space once done.
before and after

Food Stylist's Office: "Seating" pretty

3:22:00 AM
I love furniture makeovers. I really do! Especially when the before state is undeniably way past its trendy nor classic look. Plus, you reuse stuff which is good for the environment, and definitely good for your pocket. 

For this office, we needed bright fun chair and sofa to pop against the neutral surroundings. Good thing they had a handful of old stuff to redo.

Chair before.
sofa before and after, chair before and after, pink chair, green sofa, french chair, ornate chair, french sofa, ornate sofa

Chair after.
sofa before and after, chair before and after, pink chair, green sofa, french chair, ornate chair, french sofa, ornate sofa

Sofa before.
sofa before and after, chair before and after, pink chair, green sofa, french chair, ornate chair, french sofa, ornate sofa

Sofa after.
sofa before and after, chair before and after, pink chair, green sofa, french chair, ornate chair, french sofa, ornate sofa

Yep, a paint job and reupholstery can go a LONG way. 


HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the day: Blow-up

1:32:00 AM
This a look we can all achieve. It's just your typical rack shelves, with a very easy to find desk, a graphic poster, and you have a fun and organized home office. Of course it helps to have tons of books to complete the space!

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Black and white and everything nice

12:28:00 AM
I'm trying to be witty here thinking of a clever post title, though now I doubt if there's really a phrase that sounds like that! But the title still very much applies to this post -very nice black and white rooms. Can't get more literal than that. :)

I was browsing through LonnyMag decorate and saw all these gorgeousness. Black and white is not boring at all if done right. Lots of layering, textures, and some sort of unexpectedness to bring this non-color rooms to pop. Enjoy! 

before and after

Stylist's home office: The Chairs in all its "after" glory

4:22:00 AM
Some have asked me for the reveal of this space, I know its been quite a while already! The office is actually done, just haven't gotten the chance to take pictures of the finish space -which is really really crucial for a big reveal! I'll get to that promise! :)

For now, I'll show you what we did with the chairs. You might remember I went chair hunting (here) for some pieces that has great bones that just need some refinishing and reupholstery.

Here's what we got, and what we did with them.

Love the shape of this chair. Those wood curves adds a little more character to the space.

The plan is to freshen up the chairs with white paint, reupholster them with a golden khaki fabric, and add a little contrasting fabric at the back.


The back view.
For the back, we used the same stripe fabric of the living room curtain right outside the space. It ties the two room together without being too obvious. 

This is the other chair. We got two of each design to play it up a bit, but used the same finish for a more formal appeal. I love the classic line of this piece.


The back.

Here they are together. 

The contrasting boxy / oval shape of the chairs, and the horizontal / vertical stripes gave the space a touch of playfulness without being over the top. I'm so happy with how they turned out!

Stay tuned for the reveal of this office. Hopefully its sooner than later. 

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My New Home

7:33:00 AM
I really do wish I'm talking about a real home where I can go all out and crazy in decorating.

But no, I'm talking about this site. In case you didn't notice (how could you not???), the blog got a major makeover. Again.

You can see all the past look here, a post dedicated to the evolution of this site's header. A post where I also said that I'll try to keep that previous look much longer. "TRY" being the operative work. Apparently that "trying" didn't work.

So here I am today with a brand new look. As simple as it seems, I spent a total of 6 hours googling and figuring out how I can do a more interactive tabs with a drop-down menu. I hope you like it 'cos that's some grueling head-spinning 6 hours. haha
note: this one doesn't work. Try the one above! :)

I also made that little logo of my name, which I hope looks like what I intended it to be. My brother told me it looks like a bed, oh I'm hoping he's wrong! Do you get it? Please tell me you do.

Some tabs have been added, do check them out! You'll get to know me more here. This is where I'll be compiling completed projects. Hire me section here. A gallery of design projects' posts here. ETC. Go around and explore, and hopefully, I get to update this brand new looking site more often.

Thanks for sticking with me!
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Office+Lounge: "The Dark Room" Project

7:41:00 AM
We began renovation last week. It's technically not "new" since it's the connecting room to Food stylist's office. But this space has a different function, project timeline, and yes, a totally completely contrasting look compared to the other office. This will serve as a personal office, lounge area, and a collectible shrine. Shrine is a big word, I know. But for collectible enthusiast out there, they'll know what I mean. ;)

So here's the space we started with. Please pardon the masking, we need to keep the client's privacy. And no, I don't want to ask them to leave the space just so I can take a shot. People are working you know? haha.. Anyway, it's a narrow rectangular room with just enough space to have both the office and lounge area.

Here's one side of the room where they'll soon find themselves chillin' and watching a movie. Is it weird that I visualize the space being used by the client this early? My imagination even have a beer and chips thrown somewhere in there. Haha
That door at the far end goes out to the garage and it will be closed off, together with the window. That wall will be the future shrine where a lighted shelves display all their treasured stuff. Yup, no window, a total moody dark lounge. The frosted glass wall on the right will bid this space goodbye to make way for a media center. Big tv, dvds, playstation... all those things that would make any guy happy. 

This side of the room will be the office space.
An L-shape desk will be custom fitted for the space. It will be facing the lounge area so you can watch while working. Who doesn't want that? I hate that my secretary desk is not facing the tv. People needs some sort of diversion while working, and by people, I mean me! But since this post is not about me, I'll stop blabbering and continue on about this project. We'll hang open shelves on the right wall, and the far wall will have the connecting room to the other office.

This is the main door for the space, which will be replaced by a modern sliding door. 
We can't afford to use a traditional hinge door because of space constraint. And because sliding doors are cool. I hate the word cool.


This is why I say that this project is a total opposite of the other office. If you haven't gotten the chance to see what we did to the other space, click here. The other room is white, airy, fun, and girly. And this is what we'll have for this space: black floors, deep charcoal walls, dark wood elements, and some contrasting white.

The sectional sofa and ottoman they already have, good thing it totally works with the new look. The back of the shelves will be painted white to frame the display. Below the shelves we'll have drawers for storage. Posters and artworks with two wall lamps will be placed behind the sofa. 

Simple and streamlined work space with white desk, and wood shelves. You can see on the right side, the sliding door we're planning to use in the space. 

This is not my typical happy fun bright cheery (insert all other synonyms here) look, but I love it! I enjoy working with different people with different needs, it expands my palette, and makes me go out of my comfort zone.

That sums up my prologue of the "The Dark Room." Watch out for the next chapter! :)
HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the day: Ocean blue

9:53:00 PM
This space is awesome because: 1)  it has a lot of blue and white with a touch of pink, 2) it has a work space and a lounge space, 3) it has a frame gallery --i love those! and 4) it's so crisp and modern and comfy all rolled into one.