Purple Plum and Barney

2/04/2012 08:30:00 PM

So this post was inspired by this guy....

Not because its my favorite show when I was kid, I haven't even watched a single episode. But because its one big purply plum violet of existence. Loving that color these days, especially those deep jewel tones. It adds so much richness to a room.

Take these rooms for example:

An accent plum wall with bold orange accents looks great. And that's one of the cutest bed I've seen. I'm taking notes.
Elle Decor (by Jonathan Adler)

Violet and hot pink together may be too spicey girly girl. (is that even an adjective??) But by using streamlined furniture and adding a dose of black makes this space that much chicer.

Combination of hot pink walls, bold red drapes, and violet couch & ottoman  might be too much for some (or maybe most), but those touches of white and that big window balances the crazy colors. This room is so bold that it needed sophisticated furniture to steer clear from looking like a kid's room.

A very monochromatic version of barney. The walls, drapes, couch, and carpet are within the same color and only differs a few shades and tones. Those two single sofa, and the accent wood door are just the perfect amount of neutral.

Another monochromatic room but with a deeper richer shade. Who said comfortable and glamor can't be in one room? A little gold goes a long long way... 

Black and white are perfect with purple. Actually that combination is perfect with any color!  A little purple goes a long away. If you're afraid to go big with it, use it as a rug.  
source unknown

I want the fabric on these chairs! This will look gorgeous as draperies. All of the pieces in this room are very un-generic. Totally cute chandelier and lamp. I bet those are expensive.. haha

Black-violet goodness! This room reminds me more of dracula than barney, but in a very sophisticated romantic way. 

That is one very graphic wall! This is one the easiest way to dress up a wall. Frame wallpapers, or wrapping papers and lined them up gallery style. You can even change the look of your space whenever you feel like it. Just lovely.
source unknown

A little side story: I'm not a purple girl before, but the BF is! (a purple boy that is.. haha) I've always teased him on how he loves purple. He's not admitting it until now, but every single time I asked his opinion on what to purchase, may it be a bag, a shoes, a fabric, he points to anything with a hint of purple! I guess this post would be his favorite post in this blog. He'll hate me for sharing this but... Loving purple and wearing pink doesn't make you less of a man.. ok I'm stopping..  I love you! haha


  1. Hey Elle! I'm designing a living room for one of my classes and one of my classmates is acting as my "client". The room won't actually be created, it's just a school project. My "client" chose a very bright purple for the wall color (at least one wall) and I have been a little worried about making it all work. This post was very helpful! :)


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