HO of the day: Closet-no-more

11:46:00 PM

This closet space turned office is gorgeous! You can see the remnant of the old closet with that upper shelf and rod holder, but now, they seemed to really make sense with the space. The shelf adds storage above, and it kinda makes this space cozier. Love the collection of vintage photos in black frames, and the decorative cow, vase, and lamp completed the space.

See before and a whole lot more after photos of this office at Double-Wide in the Sky.

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  1. where did u get the green brocade wallpaper from the newly wed's apartment? :)

  2. I've seen in a US-based blog how it's really becoming a craze for closets being transformed into an office space with desk and all. The one I saw was for a kid's study and it looked so cute. I guess with most living spaces in Manila being inside condos, the endeavor is worth trying.

  3. may i ask where did you bought the white boxes with "stamps" written outside? Thanks! :-)


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