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1/24/2012 09:39:00 PM

I've mentioned a little while back that I once again redecorated my bedroom. If you can even consider total repaint and furniture change, redecorate? Fine, it's another overhaul. I'm unstoppable. Haha.. Three bedroom makeover in just a year is crazy. Or as Rachel Zoe would say.. "cray cray" Haha.. 

I'm not yet ready to show the reveal since it's still a mess. Painting and all furniture are in, but there's still no curtains, no wall arts, and my floor still serves as storage to some of my stuff.

Only one corner is done, and its not even a full corner, just a little table top vignette that I could stare at when all the chaos is messing with my head. 

Old photo of my parents.

I'm not really into fake flowers, but what can I say, they are pretty! And 70% off..  Who am I to say no?

Not much, I know. But I think I'm onto a good start! Hope I follow through. The vase is on sale for 200 Php. Add to that some old spray painted gold frames, and a few books, and here's one calm corner to all this mess. 

I'll be showing some before and afters of my refurbished furniture soon.
Goodnight! :)


  1. i want a vase like that too. where do you get your cheap finds??? tell me please???

  2. So pretty! I don't mind a few fake flowers here and there, especially if they're pretty ones :)

  3. @Janana.. from Mandaue Foam. But its a last piece kaya mura. Not sure if they're having more.

    @Brittany.. exactly! :) thanks!

  4. thanks. hope with every makeover you do, include your sources for each furniture/accent. looking forward to your future projects.:)

  5. Looks great, Elle! I'm commenting on this super late because I am SO behind on blog reading. Right now I have 989 unread blog posts! Gah! Haha. Thanks for letting me use one of your mood boards for my class presentation! I have a confession to make. I actually made the presentation the day before you responded to my email! Haha. I really believed you wouldn't have a problem with it so I just went ahead. Hehe.

  6. What happened to the pictures? I cannot view said they were deleted. I am so looking forward to seeing this!


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