What a can of gold spray paint can do: The stool and side table story

3/09/2012 05:07:00 AM

For the longest time, this girl was standing up while doing her face. She just haven't found the perfect stool for the job.  Well, she wasn't actually looking since her room had taken a decorating backseat when real projects came into the picture.

One day, while doing some sourcing for those said real projects, she saw this piece.
gold stool, gold table, gold chair
She asked how much was it. Its 100 pesos. She knew exactly what to do with it. Off she went and bought a can of gold spray paint. Within the same day, the stool went from that..

...to this.
gold stool, gold table, gold chair
She was ecstatic. The spray paint cost more than the stool itself. She got the fabric from some left-over from a previous project.

"Doesn't look like 100 Php now" she thought to herself while giddily smiling in front of the vanity.. sitting down. Finally.
gold stool, gold table, gold chair

But she wasn't done. The can has more in it and can take more stuff. She look around the house to see what else to goldify. This is the victim.
gold stool, gold table, gold chair

Her work table doesn't have enough space, and a rolling side table is perfect to house all the other clutter.

Here she is now. In all her STILL uncluttered glory.
gold stool, gold table, gold chair

And that is what a can of gold spray paint can do.

Now I know I can never be a story teller. Haha


  1. Excellent!!! I LOVE that rolling side table... the gold is perfect.

  2. what brand of gold spray paint do you use? others don't seem to be "the" gold the i want.:)

  3. thanks jessie :)

    jown, sorry forgot the brand. Just bought it from a neighborhood hardware. :) Nothing special naman. I just asked for gold. haha


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