Elle Daily: This Aisle

2:46:00 PM

The other day, i dropped by CW home depot to buy some cabinet handles. I spend a lot of time in this particular aisle. On some days, it can be almost an hour. You can find me walking back and forth a lot of times looking thoroughly at each handle, and looking far away. I was actually having a mental photo of how that handle would look like with the project's closet/drawer doors. Repeat that process 8 times and then i can finally make a decision. Haha

And while i'm it, i always take a glimpse of this handle. I love the shape. I love the gold. I imagine this in my future kitchen. :)

Some thing like this. But in gold.

Or like this. But in that shape.

I just hope that it's still available when the time finally comes that i can build my kitchen.


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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