DuoDeco Studio. New Year. New Look.

1/24/2013 03:39:00 AM

One night while me and the bf is discussing stuff, it came up that we're both not truly happy with our original website design for DuoDeco Studio. We like it. But we do not love it. You see, with all the rushing, renovation, and stuff going on in opening up the shop, I came up with a design and we just went with it. It's good enough we say. And it is. 

But after a month, it doesn't excite us anymore. So what do a former graphic designer do? Did a makeover of course. This time, we discussed what we really wanted, which is more of a magazine look, more interactive, and just something that we could play with as we move along. Here it is....
I love it. We love it! See the brand new site here

The navigation is simplified. It's just the items up for grabs, and the things you need to know-- about us, showroom details, and some FAQs. That's it for the site design, check it out.. go!

Anyway, we are working on our next batch of items which is really exciting, but for now, here are my faves from our maiden collection....

Gold Stallion Chair. Just because pink and gold together is always a winner. Haha... 

Love the vintage shape of this side table. Plus green is the color of the new year!

Classic lines with modern color. Could be girly or masculine. Check! MCM Royal Chair...

Just because I can't believe I painted this.. hahaha... here

How cute is this lamp? The bf made this himself. here

Ok fine, there are a lot more faves that I could enumerate here.. but that would make this a very long post. So just check them out ummkay??? okay. haha... DuoDecoStudio.com

If you'd like to get exclusive updates and promos, you can sign-up here.

Thank you for those who bought from our first collection! :) :) :) Excited to launch new items.
See you at the showroom!


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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