House of DuoDeco: Kitchen Reveal

1/09/2013 08:58:00 PM

Welcome to the most rarely used area in our newly revamped showroom/office/headquarters-- the kitchen. When we first saw this place, everything is in bad shape. They were all yellowy and peeling, the walls and ceilings in dire need of fresh coat of paint, and marble tops literally falling off. But we looked passed that and see the potential-- the brick look-a-like walls, the solid paneled doors, high ceilings, and well, just a place to call ours. So we wanted to personalized each area of this apartment, including this dingy kitchen. 

After a couple coat of light gray paint on walls and ceiling, upper cabinets switcheroo, white paint for upper cabs, dark gray below, black with white trim for the backdoor, new cement counter top, new tile backsplash, freshly painted appliance, new lights, painted floors, and some accessories, here's our kitchen now... 

We removed the upper cabinets and replaced it with the one you see peeking on the right...

It is such a tiny space so we wanted it to be fun and colorful. So we have an old stove and fridge painted yellow and teal respectively. Everything is just neutral, and just pops of color through the appliance and accessories.

Love how the door turned out. It's painted in a satin black with white detail. We have yet to use this kitchen as actual kitchen. The cabinets now houses spray paints, and other construction materials instead of actual food! Haven't even plugged in the fridge yet, afraid of Meralco too much. Haha... But we'll get there. Looking forward to do some cooking in here. Actually I'll do the eating and the Bf will do the cooking! Yes, I'm spoiled like that. Haha

Here's to food coming out of this newly renovated kitchen...Cheers!


  1. Hi elle, what kind of paint do you use for the furnitures? I want to repaint and refurbish some of my stuff. Thanks! :)

  2. Hi Elle,

    I love the hanging light in your new kitchen. Did you make it? I hope you can feature how to make a decorative ceiling lamp like that one. I hope I can also visit your studio one day.


  3. I found your blog while I was searching for some inspiration for a photo gallery wall...and I am addicted to your stuff now! I'm so glad I found a kindred soul when it comes to photo galleries. No one else understands my obsession with them :)

  4. Love the choice of colours. It all looks so fresh and bright. A little paint goes a long way :-) Great job - as always! ;-)


  5. @anonymous refurbish furniture is ducco with lacquer paint

    @mgx we can sell you one exactly like our kitchen light with any color you want. Email me. :)

    @aquagallery thanks!

    @Mirela thank you so much! :)

  6. is the cabinet custom made?


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