Lights. Camera. DuoDeco.

3/26/2013 11:12:00 PM

DuoDeco Studio was truly blessed this past weeks. Aside from selling major pieces, Preview and Real Living will be featuring the store in their July issue, yes they make those issues this advance! They had a shoot at the showroom and here are some snap shots. 

I'm shooting them while shooting us. Haha.. For Preview Decor.

Feeling model. We're so not used to this that I even asked them what to do with my hands. Haha

Prepping to shoot. Real Living.

Styling team of Real Living working their magic.

Well hello professionally photographed showroom. 
I was seriously amazed on how their pictures look like. My own showroom photos are all dark and artificially lit, but theirs are so fresh and light and airy looking. Haha.. I'm asking for those photos for sure!

With the Real Living team.

Big thanks to Jae Pickrell for recoing us for Preview Decor. Thanks to Jerome for the write-up. Thanks hair and make-up team for making me camera-ready and kulot that day. Haha (not the photo above)
Thanks Kath Valle for sharing our shop to Real Living and thanks Ms Rachelle Medina and the entire team (Joanne, Shine, Dagny, etc etc etc!!) for dropping by the shop. It was super fun. Thanks to both photographers for making the showroom and us decent looking in photos. Haha.. Thanks to the art director and stylists for making the showroom super nice for the shoot. Hala parang award winning speech. Haha

Anyway, here's our new home page for the website. Links of the items below. 
1 Daffodil Throw Pillow P420     /     2 Honeydew Throw Pillow P420    /    3 Brushed Flora Throw Pillow P420
4 "Swamp Romance" P1500    /    5 School Console P6400   /   6 Lucky Bookends P2400 set 7 Red Ribbed Side Table P2400    /    8 "Western Wired" Chair P6200
9 Industrial Farmhouse Table  P6500   /    10 Buddha Hulk P900   /    11 Industrial Mare P7000
12 Wooden Oso P1200   /    13 Doorknob Candle Holder P1400 set   /    14 "Fantasy Fowl" P2200

Visit to see all our latest stuff, and like us on facebook too! :) See yah!


  1. Congrats on all these developments! :) Hi to Shine! :D

  2. Loving your interior designs! So artsy and chic! I'm so excited to have my room renovated this coming May :)


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