Concrete Dreamin': Our Future House

4/19/2013 04:41:00 AM

These past few days, I've been daydreaming of building our own home. Not just buying one and renovating, but actually building one to specifically meet our needs. Why not dream big right? But of course, even in those dreams, I'm still thinking of being realistic in terms of budget. Well, I want that dream to be attainable.

Since we are budget conscious, I want everything to be low cost. Note, low cost NOT low quality. I thought of things we can forego to cut cost but still have a nice livable home. I'm imagining not buying any tiles, paint, nor even putting up a ceiling. We love love love the industrial loft look so why not use that inspiration to have a budget conscious home. 

Being all dreamy, I look for pegs and I AM SOLD. I love all these.. concrete and all.

elle decor

The keys is having high ceilings and big windows, and tada!! New york smack right in Manila. Haha.. The concrete is the perfect neutral gray for all the furnishings, plus I love how it got a lot of texture and specks. Besides, if we ever get tired of the look, we can always have it painted. :) 

Now I need to go back to work to make that dream house of ours a reality.


  1. I wanna have my own house in the future too. :) Let's keep on working hard to achieve our goals in life. Keep posting! :)


  2. Concrete is really an amazing product. Last month I built a small house for my Dog. I had some concrete which I bought a year ago from Bancrete. So, I used that and today, my Tommy loves his concrete house.


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