A Happy Pair

4/29/2013 06:20:00 PM

I've talked about loving the industrial concrete look here, and I'm so into raw finishes nowadays, so this wall is really speaking to me. If I could mimic this aged looking wall, I totally would! And I think I'll try it in our future dream home, whenever that one would come. Soon hopefully!

What I love about this space is how it combined my new love for industrial, and my forever love for prints and colors. See, you don't have to go all "themey" for your space, incorporate all things you love in just the right amount of dosage and balance then you'll be happy.

Anyway, the print on this hanging light reminds me so much of the fabric I used in the chair makeover here. I still have some remnants, I would have to do my version of this drop light for my future office. :)

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