Dreaming of a Brown Leather Sofa

5/03/2013 04:41:00 AM

Let me start this by saying... ANG INIT!!! hahaha... This summer is excruciatingly hot. It's 3:30 in the morning and the humidity is still lingering in this humid air. Yes, that redundancy is my attempt in describing how hot it really is. And all you Philippine dwellers know what I'm talking about. 

That first paragraph is probably not the best introduction to this specific post. Leather sofas does not sit well with hot weather. Eeeky sweaty butt-leather combination is a kinda disgusting thought, but leathers have its pros. Easy maintenance is on top of the list.

I used to hate leather sofas until I realized that not all of them are tacky synthetic looking creature that were very trendy during the 90s. Ek. No. Bleh.

But these pieces? Oh love. Yes come to me. Come to my dream home. I'll live with you forever. Sweaty butt and all.

I want my sofa in a vintage shape.

I'm still not sure if I wanted a classic tufted chesterfield or a simpler mid-century looking piece. But vintage is definitely the way to go. 

Though these tufting are sooo yummy looking. Am I right?

But look at this crisp lines. Gorgeous! Decisions decisions.

Hahaha... I'm talking like I'm in the process of buying one instead of just dreaming one up. 

Anyway, if you're going for a leather, go for a worn looking one. It would be prettier in time. It grows with your home. Just look at this.

And as for the color, this is perfect. I'll definitely get the perfect cognac brown. Not too dark. No red in it. With a hint of orange. Just perfect. 

I know that this kind of sofa will be perfect for our concrete house. It will warm up the stark walls. It will add to the texture of the space. Perfect backdrop to whatever colorful stuff I'll be layering in.

I'm always talking about my dream home in here. As they say, if you want it. CLAIM IT. So this is not the last time you'll hear of it. It will probably be the first of hundreds of posts to come. I've been day dreaming of the perfect house that me and the bf would both feel comfortable in. So a lot of inspirations are in this head of mine, and this blog will be my outlet. :) Someday, instead of just inspiration, I'll be posting the process of actually building it. Now, that is one exciting project I can't wait to get my hands to.


  1. I certainly wouldn't mind having one myself, on the prowl for a new couch! :)

  2. I love the feel of a soft leather couch, however,with a cat in the house this is only a dream!

  3. @Van best of luck on the search! nice vintage leather sofas are impossible to find in here. So might need to fake it and have one custom-made. Hoping to find a nice not-so-expensive leather. :)

    @Pete we have a dog so i'm not sure how this will work! :)

  4. I love leather sofas. It is soft and supple. But look for top quality leather. Don’t go beyond cheaper sofas. Wearing time of cheaper sofas will be 5 years. Before buying leather furniture follow any buyers guide.


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