Eclectic Perfection

5/26/2013 12:02:00 AM

A few days ago, the bf and I are discussing our dream home and how we would decorate it. Yes, those typical stuff any couple talk about --interior design. Haha.. He told me he wanted it to be eclectic. Whew!! A big sigh of relief as I was anticipating that he wanted a little too masculine-- woods, blacks, metals, rustic. Don't get me wrong, I love those elements! But please don't deprive me of my much needed color and contrast. So when I heard eclectic.. that's good enough for me. Mix and match of different styles and elements is a good compromise. Woohoo! Now to have that dream home, that's a different story. 

Anyway, after that said conversation, I immediately googled "eclectic home" to see inspiration that both him and I would love. This probably isn't it. But I LOVE this home of Spanish photographer Manolo Yllera. For me, this is eclectic perfection. Gawd everything in this is gorgeous and warm and just lovely.

It is situated in this character-filled loft. The old elements brings in so much life to this place. Those high ceilings, arch windows, and imperfect walls are the best backdrop to all his amazing furnishing.

All the mis-matched living room furniture just works so well together. 

Everything is neutral with just a hint of reds. But it's not at all sterile or boring because of all the texture and interesting artwork everywhere.

Oohh that not very child-friendly but oh so pretty screen.

Our future house will definitely have a rustic wood dining table with mis-matched chairs.  This photo just solidify that idea. And look at that door with an illustration, too cute!

A Smeg is preferable but not in our budget in probably the next 10 years. But that would be the dream. Another quirky touch -- sideway mirror with pen scribbles.

Very charming kitchen. I can just imagine it filled with cupcakes and tea. Haha.. 

Simple, neutral, lovely.

A very functioning office right above the kitchen. Such great use of space. I can just imagine the view of the living area from here. Envious!

How amazing is this home? Our dream home is now officially industrial-eclectic. What's your dream home?

Photos: Manolo Yllera


  1. Nice designs. For my dream home, I prefer modern but a little minimalist. Btw, good luck on making your dream home a reality.

  2. thanks Patrick! Hopefully sooner rather than later! haha

  3. I love the interiors! I wonder where we can find similar buildings here in the Philippines? The bedroom seemed to be missing?

  4. @Psyche I don't think we have that sort of historic building here. Unless of course you can convert an old warehouse. That is the dream!


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