Bicycle in Living Rooms (and our vintage Rollfast)

7/06/2013 04:48:00 AM

Just a few months ago, the bf told me that he's going the buy a bike. A quite expensive one. Being the barat that I am, I told him not to. Plead even. But he's stubborn so this guy was delivered a few days after.
A big handsome vintage Rollfast bike. I fell in love too. All those pleading not to buy this beauty all seems so none sense now. What was I thinking? I began imagining it in our future industrial home, like how good it will look with the concrete walls and my dream sofa. I'm such a girl, you hand me a bike, and decor is still what I'm thinking about. Haha

The bf rode around with it a few times, I tried but failed miserably. Haha.. High seats + foot break is not a good combination. But for me it's not for riding, it's a display piece! It literally had a crowd gathered around it once ,while the bf had it out. See? Stunner, really.

But good things come to an end. We bid him goodbye a few days ago. The bf decided to sell it since, lets face it, our dream home is still nowhere in sight. Here we are, posing with the bike for souvenir. :)
Once we have the house of our dreams, we'll buy a vintage bike and have it restored ourselves. That is the goal.

But for now, let's all try bringing our bikes inside our home. Here are some inspiration on what to do with them. Aside from riding it, of course.

Charleston Magazine


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